October 19, 2014

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In an era of distraction, every day we’re faced with overflowing inboxes, numerous text messages, hundreds of social media notifications and to-do lists that grow new tails by the moment.

In today’s world, it’s all about making decisions quickly and efficiently. It’s about determining what’s absolutely essential – and what we can let go of in every moment. Time is so precious! And we never get these moments back.

Yet we try to do it all, cramming in an impossible amount of activity. We don’t allow ourselves enough spaciousness in our schedules for spontaneous inspiration.

Here’s a short list of flowers that are the antidote – that enhance your creativity, innovation and laser focus in a matter of moments.

red bird of paradise


This exotic flower blooms in the desert and thrives even when it’s 115 degrees out – when every other plant, animal and person wants to hide. Fiery explosions of red, orange and yellow, this flower looks like a crown of wild flaming orchids reaching for the sun.

Red Bird of Paradise essence gives a huge boost of motivation, drive and the ability to get things done. It helps you focus on your most important priorities, instead of get lost in all the little easy, unimportant tasks.

It’s the perfect remedy for when you find yourself procrastinating – when you’ve got frogs to eat or when there’s something on your to-do list that you don’t feel like doing.

When you feel overwhelmed with too much to do, this flower gives you the energy and ability to get it done effortlessly, without any internal push back or dragging of your feet.

Fire Star Orchid


An exquisite epidendrum orchid, I discovered this flower growing in a very special garden in Santa Monica, California.

Called ‘the ever-blooming jewels of the garden’, these beauties enhance creativity, innovation and being fearless about sharing ideas that are beyond the norm.

Even better, it gives you the ability to see beyond what you’ve seen so far, inspiring all sorts of new perspectives and solutions. Excellent for creatives and innovators, this flower helps you think completely outside the box, taking your creativity to a whole other level.

Or, if you tend to let others’ opinions affect you or stifle your wild creativity – or you’re too hard on yourself and you self-edit – this is the flower for you.

Chandelier Succulent by Virginia Ho


An amazing succulent flower with tubular flowers that hang down like bells in the shape of a chandelier, these flowers are loved by hummingbirds, who can fit their long, delicate beaks into each flower.

A part of the large family of extremely varied Kalanchoe succulents, this flower helps you finish projects. It awakens in you an unwavering determination, momentum and action until you attain completion.

It also gives you a sense of foundation, strength and energy to move through any blocks. It cuts through any stagnancy and jumpstarts your ability to follow through with your plans.

It helps you experience – on all levels – that you have what it takes, and facilities synergy and teamwork in groups, enhancing a deeper awareness.



An exquisite wildflower of yellow, white and light purple found across mountainous forests in North America, Europe and Asia, it’s also known as Eyebright.

Herbally, this flower dates back to the 14th century as the plant that soothes all eye conditions. Flower essence-wise, this delicate but fierce flower works on how you ‘see’, developing and awakening your intuitive side. Oftentimes it’s intuition that sparks the best ideas, making Euphrasia an important flower for creativity.

Or you may have a tendency to doubt yourself or have a hard time deciding between all the choices presented to you. You belabor it for a while, then eventually choose one option. Then you either regret your choice or wonder if you made the ‘right’ choice.

Euphrasia boosts decisiveness. It helps you trust yourself and your decisions. It cuts through indecision and self doubt, helping you get crystal clear on the best way to go.

I find this particular ‘bouquet’ of flower remedies to be extremely helpful in this modern world when we’re presented with so many opportunities and decisions as to what to do with our time.

Time is the most precious commodity these days and being able to discern what’s most essential and important in our day is vital to being successful and happy in whatever we do.

The above flower’s essences are found in our Inspired Action formula. I have an Inspired Action Mist on my desk in my office and I use it every hour when I really need to be focused.

flower essences for kids

It’s a hugely valuable tool when I’m writing, working on creative projects and need to get huge amounts of tasks done. It prevents me from getting distracted and makes sure I channel all my energy into the most important and impactful projects.

Imagine if every person in the world was focused on the most vital tasks that would create the most positive impact in the world … allowing vast amounts of sheer brilliance and innovation to emerge!

{Chandelier Succulent photo by Virginia Ho; Little girl writing in a notebook photo by Thea Coughlin}



Tracy Houchins

I love your website and I’m very excited about ordering, receiving and using your products. So far, they all speak to me… 🙂 Now to decide which ones for now.

Thank you for your beautiful work!

All the Blessings,



Thank you, Tracy! So happy the flowers found you. Looking forward to hearing about your transformation. xo


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