April 10, 2017

I grew up in some seriously beautiful mountains. Full of pine trees, wildflowers, wolves, bright blue lakes + very white winters; it was magical! Unfortunately, I didn’t appreciate what I had until it was gone. My family moved here, to Arizona. Boy, was that a change! My world changed to cacti, red rock, blazing sunshine + scorpions.

It wasn’t long before I went back to Washington for a visit. My best friends + I went camping right in the middle of those beautiful mountains. I can’t even explain how happy I was! The smell. The sounds. The SIGHTS! Everything was a billion times more beautiful than I remembered. My heart was stuck in the forest + it was a place I knew would always call out to me. From that moment on, my eye was always caught by nature. I noticed the patterns of leaves, what plants I had in my own environment + how Mother Nature could have such a huge affect on my moods.

I appreciate the desert + the forms of nature it brings to me, but it’s the forest that calls to me. When I’m in the forest, I feel freedom, bliss + simplicity. Everything feels right.

What calls out to you? When did Mother Nature really come into your life?


Star magic + flower petals,



Maria Kouvaras

I just came back from visiting Muir Woods National Park and Big Sur the coastline and I feel…. no wait I Know I have had a spiritual pilgrimage like no other. To be in the presence of such long withstanding magnificent trees was a transcending experience to say the least. My heart expanded in worship of the creator-mother Earth and my soul was replenished with admiration for such beauty. I still cannot believe I accomplished this trip, it was a desire since I was 10 years old and finally I was given the opportunity to experience the serenity, the smell of the combination of the Redwoods and Eucalyptus trees. To see up close the different kinds of foliage that have been in existence before humans trampled over, such Joy, such pleasure such a privilege !!My heart is full of gratitude and love for all creation,Happy Earth Day!


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