November 25, 2014


Yesterday I wrote a blog post about flowers that make you feel like anything is possible. I was amazed at the level of interest!

We had originally wanted to wait to release these goodies, but sped up our production so that we could have them ready for the holidays & black friday.

Here’s the scoop on what we designed with the wish-fulfilling flowers.


I personally prefer body oils over lotion, because I’m a stickler about ingredients, and in order to create a lotion, or anytime you’re mixing oil and water, there are typically preservatives involved. There are so many toxins in our environment that just don’t need any more, especially all over my body.

The cool thing is that we often get comments about our oils from surprised customers, happy that they sink into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy residue. This is the beauty of using a high-quality unrefined (and certified organic) oil – it works with the body and penetrates the skin easily.

Ayurvedic medicine, which is a healing system that’s been around for over 3000 years, there is a daily practice of applying oils to the skin – all over the body to sooth the body and reduce excess Vata, or wind. This is not just to moisturize the skin, but to lubricate the joints and soothe excess ‘wind’ or air element, which makes us a bit frantic, moving too fast and not being fully aware in the moment.  The Sanskrit word for oil also means love, so the practice of applying oil is like saturating your body with love.

Health-wise, the practice of abhyanga (application of oils with 15 minutes of self-massage) has been known to be beneficial for sleep, vision, circulation, inner organs, skin and to slow aging. After applying the oil, you take a warm shower or bath and gently wash off the oil with soap. That’s the traditional way, but you can certainly also massage oil into your skin after a hot shower or bath too.

When oil is massaged onto the ears, it’s known to help a stiff neck, stiff jaw and ear issues associated with excess air element. When oil is massaged into the feet (my favorite!), it not only softens rough skin of the feet, but it enhances vision, strengthens ligaments and veins and is beneficial for sciatica. It also soothes stiffness, fatigue or numbness in the feet. {If you’re Pisces like me, this is especially important, because feet are typically the weak area on a Pisces body.}

LW_WF_Body Oils_Hero_all

Of the new body oils, Healing Sleep is infused with the power of Passionflower, which helps you let go and rest, sleep more soundly and work out any subconscious issues in our slumber. It dissolves mental chatter and helps us feel more connected to everything.

When used before bed it will enhance the quality of sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night, apply some to your neck or the bottoms of your feet, lie your head back on the pillow, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you fall back asleep – instead of having a million thoughts and then finally crashing. When used during the day, you won’t feel sleepy – just relaxed and clear.

To attract prosperity and revel in the abundance of life, call on the power of Peony flower and slather on some Luscious Life body oil. Infused with Oakmoss (traditionally known for attracting fortune), Mimosa, Honey and Ginger, the aroma is like honey and moss, sweet and lightly floral with a sultry green mossy overtone.

And if you’re enchanted by the Night-Blooming Cereus, check out the Full Bloom body oil. Aroma-therapeutically, it’s the blend that practically every person on the earth loves without hesitation, men and women alike, with its sensuous, yet accessible blend of citrus and spices. Night-Blooming Cereus dissolves fears and self-limiting patterns and helps you take a big leap toward what will propel you forward and most fulfill you.

LW_WF_Anointing Oils_Hero_all


The body oils have a really gentle infusion of essential oils because they’re meant to be applied to the whole body, while the anointing oils are more like natural perfumes. They have a perfumer’s dilution of essential oils and are meant for applying to pulse points. They come in a little dropper bottle, so you can apply the drops directly to your skin in a jojoba base.

The anointing oils are perfect for when you’re using the flowers as a therapeutic remedy, which means you’ll want to use it at least five times each day. They are a handy, purse size and you can get the benefits of Passionflower (deep rest & letting go) in Healing Sleep, Peony (abundance & prosperity) in Luscious Life and Night-Blooming Cereus (fearlessness & transformation) in Full Bloom.



Okay, there are a lot of sugar scrubs in the world … but these. Seriously. OMG.

I just went over to production to check in and let’s just start with the first one, Life is Good. Take a whiff of this and you’ll understand the euphoria part. This is not just marketing mumbo jumbo. One whiff and I want to eat it AND rub it all over me at the same time.

It’s infused with Italian espresso, cacao, absolutes of cacao bean, vanilla and coffee bean – and the Banana Blossom flower essence for feeling euphoric, spacious, nurtured, luscious, wild, expansive fearless. Trust me on this one.

If you’re not a fan of the chocolate-coffee combo, then you’re favorite will likely be Make it Happen – the scrub infused with Bamboo Essence. Bamboo is for strength, determination and making the impossible possible. It gives you stamina, follow through and helps you see where your daily actions fit into the bigger picture.

Make it Happen is infused with Cardamom, Wheatgrass, Cedar, Fir and West Indian Sandalwood. It’s green, woody, warm and totally refreshing.

We chose sugar over salt for our body scrubs, because the grains are finer and a bit more gentle on the skin. And the glycolic acid, which is naturally occurring in sugar encourages cell turnover and fresher, younger-looking skin. Sugar is also a natural humectant, which means that it helps your skin retain moisture.

Sky’s the Limit is for the berry lovers. This scrub looks and smells like jam. It’s made with Davana (plant oil from India that smells like strawberries), Blood Orange, Vanilla, Hibiscus flower and Black Raspberry seeds. Infused with Strawberry Blossom essence, it’s like the ultimate reset button, making you feel optimistic -like you have infinite possibilities available to you.

So that’s the scoop on the Wish-Fulfilling Collection. These goodies are limited edition – we made them in a limited quantity batch for the holidays – they make great gifts for loved ones or as a treat for yourself. Enjoy … & leave any questions in the comments below.

Love & flower petals,


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I’m so thrilled and excited about these limited edition products! I can almost smell the therapy through the photos 🙂 I am most excited about the strawberry blossom & peony, though all of them combined would make for one amazing “make-over.” Thank you team Lotus Wei!



Yay! Thank you for your encouragement, Jennie! xo



HAHAHA OMG INDEED!! High on a feeling! Ha!
Enjoyed the banter and so much info Katie!
Yes love the love massage and portable annointables.
Came back tonight to leave msg for part 1༄xox and found 2.
Would love to order everything for the most beautiful gifts and personal phamacopia!
Am moving thru w the night blooming cereus. Have been offered a design/seamstress job and designed a tweedy line in a few hrs.
And peonies have always been my favourite. I had several people give me plants at the beachhouse before receiving my inheritance, so this link doesn’t surprise me. So lush!! My grandmother’s favourite as well. Must start growing plants.. I have the littlest pet ants to do the deed!!
Katie it’s a beautiful line. A wisdom line to open people’s dreams to fruition.
Luv it!! xo marguerite



Thank you, doll! Would love to see your designs! xoxo



Thanks, Marguie! <3


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