November 24, 2014


When you want to feel like anything is possible …

Surround yourself with wish-fulfilling flowers and plants.

Yes, they exist. Here are some of them? Strawberry Blossom, Bamboo, Banana Flower, Passionflower, Night-Blooming Cereus and Peony.

You can find them in northern forest, equatorial tropics and arid deserts. These botanical treasures awaken mind states that help us feel like anything is possible.

And in fact anything IS possible. It is usually just our tricky, sneaky minds that play tricks on us – with self-limiting patterns and false beliefs downloaded from family lineage, cultural messaging or past experiences that register ‘messages’ in the cells that affect our view of reality and what’s possible.

The antidote? Flowers that wake up the power of optimism, possibility, spaciousness, awareness, fearlessness and abundance.

strawberry blossom


Who doesn’t love strawberries? And their blossoms are so cute! More than cute, they have a powerful ability to infuse our minds with optimism and positivity.

Ever had one of those moments in life where you catch yourself expecting or preparing for the worst?

The magic power of Strawberry Blossom is to dissolve that feeling – or any sense of lack in general.

It’s like a reset button or a refresh – giving us a new perspective and a fresh outlook – a sense that anything is possible. It helps us have a deeper understanding of ourselves and that we have infinite possibilities and an infinite capability for personal growth. It helps us see a broader range of opportunities (for learning – within ourselves – as well as opportunities presented from the outside).

Imagine the feeling you get when you’re in the forest or a garden and you see a strawberry patch with ripe strawberries. It’s like a miracle! It’s such a joy! You feel so lucky. And when you reach down to pick and eat these ruby-red jewels it’s like a secret treasure that YOU were lucky enough to find. That’s the kind of feeling that Strawberry Blossom imparts.

Banana flower


Banana trees typically grow in the tropics and have very magical flowers. Each banana tree has only one huge inflorescence (group of flowers) on it (as seen in the photo above). The large pink sections that look like petals are called ‘bracts’. The banana flowers are actually the white florets at the base of the pink. There are female flowers and male flowers – the female flowers transform banana into fruits, which are technically a ‘berry’. Who knew?

The Banana Blossom awakens an expansive state of mind, a magical-like spaciousness. It helps us bring projects to fruition by (ironically) softening, slowing down, and resting. Banana flowers help us feel nurtured, cared for and peaceful.

Banana flower essence helps us be fearless about the past, present and future, trusting ourselves and others and having a fresh, stable mind. It helps us be ourselves and be unafraid to be our true selves. Banana unravels subtle tension, allowing us to be honest and frank, wild and luscious, yet thorough in what we do.

It dissolves hurrying, rushing, being irrational, anxiety and worrying about not having enough time – which in the long run, can create huge obstacles for us.

Accomplishing big projects requires massive creativity and problem-solving. Having a state of mind that is not subject to time constraints – one that is expansive, spacious and fearless – is tantamount to innovation.



The last few weekends I have been doing a ton of yard work. One day I raked for several hours, then I worked in a huge patch of bamboo that’s several stories high, pulling out dead leaves for hours. Something about working in and around the bamboo was so peaceful and nourishing, so strengthening and revitalizing.

Bamboo is one of the most amazing trees – it’s a grass actually, not even a tree – but somehow ‘tree’ fits its personality better. Bamboo is one of the strongest plants I know – and fast-growing. Some bamboo varieties grow three feet per day!

As an essence bamboo is unparalleled for making the impossible possible. It offers unfaltering strength, persistence and tenacity, with a perfect balance of flexibility, gracefulness and the ability to accomplish something against all odds. It enhances focus, clarity and awareness of how our every day actions relate to our greater goals. It deepens an understanding of our actions as a part of the bigger picture, as well as being unwavering in whatever it takes to accomplish our aims.

Bamboo dissolves the thought pattern, “I can’t do it”, and the habit of looking at others’ accomplishments and feeling small (looking at other people instead of looking straight ahead at what needs to be done). It eliminates fears and non-constructive enmeshment with others, and gives a boost of stamina, determination and follow-through.



One of the most exotic and crazy-looking flowers, Passionflower is greatly needed by the majority of people today.

You may have seen Passionflower in an herbal tea form, commonly recommended as a sleep support.

Passionflower tea works differently from the flower essence. When I drink Passionflower tea I feel the herb literally relaxing all my muscles. I remember when my artist friend had an art showing of her paintings, I made a special tea for the event. There was a healthy dose of Passionflower in the tea – and I remember that many of us were glued to the velvet couch with our heads back listening to music, unable to move we were so relaxed.

The flower essence works energetically, so although it affects the nervous system indirectly which dissolves muscular tension, in comparison to the herbal tea – it goes more to the root cause of what causes tension and stress in the first place.

It helps us let go … of conscious and subconscious sticking points or obstacles. It helps us take breaks, naps and deeper breaths so we can be more effective in everything we do. It improves quality of sleep and helps us work out any issues during sleep.

Passionflower’s magic is to help us slow down a little and let it all hang out, which enhances our awareness, intuition, and spiritual connection. Passionflower also magnifies our sense of abundance, fullness and purity.

So when experiencing muscular tension, frazzled nerves, adrenal overuse, depletion, insomnia, thinking too much and too fast, mental chatter, anxiety, and panic … Passionflower is a powerful ally.

I typically have found that people who want to make sh*t happen in a big way have so many opportunities and things happening, it’s easy to fall into the misperception that more action is better. In reality, doing less is more, especially if the doing is focused on big priorities. Passionflower helps us be more effective and peaceful when we’re working on big visions, ‘chugging’ or building an empire.

night blooming cereus


The Flowerevolutionaries reading this know about the tremendous power of the Night-Blooming Cereus, because the first month of the program kicked off with the Cereus elixir. And this flower is no joke. It’s a rare cactus flower that only blooms one night each year. It’s effects are noticeable – purifying any and all subconscious fears and limiting patterns that prevent us from taking a big leap and really going after what we want – or going after a dream much bigger than we had imagined.

I often talk about this flower as being the catalyst for changing my whole life and business – which is true. I went from doing one-on-one consultations to making hundreds of products for the largest hotel chain in the world.

I had always had huge aspirations, but the Night-Blooming Cereus helped me materialize them. It purified fears and old stuck beliefs that were preventing me from instigating huge change and going after bigger opportunities – the kind that made me nervous.

Night-Blooming Cereus illuminates a deeper understanding of our shadow side, dissolving old patterns, illusions, negativity, attachment and paranoia. It helps us recognize the preciousness of life and our tremendous (and specific, unique) value in life. It deepens our appreciation of timing and helps us know the precise moment to go after our big goals.



Loved by so many, the Peony flower magnifies our sense of abundance. Have you ever buried your face in a Peony flower? You’re completely enveloped by its scent and essence. The flower is huge and soft and ruffly – unabashedly itself. There is no ounce of ‘meek’ in this flower. It’s all in. It’s sexy in an elegant, yet down-to-earth way.

Peony flower essence makes you feel full, whole, abundant, grateful. And that kind of mentality just attracts more of that. Peony flower dissolves any sense of ‘lack’ or ‘I don’t have enough’ or ‘I’m not enough’. Nope, ‘lack’ does not exist in the Peony world. Peony is a gorgeous woman with huge ruffly skirts dancing the tango – exquisite, gracious and full of life.

Peony makes you feel luscious, wild, delicious, like everything is at your fingertips, and everything is possible. With Peony flower essence, you find the proper way to do things. You magnetize what you need – instead of striving and reaching for it, it just comes to you.

Just as an army of ants help the Peony flower open and blossom (they don’t open without the help of ants – they require that symbiotic relationship), you’ll find that there’s an army of assistance attracted to help you achieve your vision.

As we’re gearing up for a new year, we decided to release some goodies using the flower essences above – in a limited edition, limited quantity batch. If you’re interested, leave a comment below and stay tuned for more info …

Love & flower petals,


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Hello. I would definately be interested in the limited edition



Yay! Thanks for letting us know. ; )


Connie Myers

Yes! Very interested. Thank you



Yay! Great to know. xo



Hi! I am so excited to get started on these flower essences! I am working on a huge project and I would greatly appreciate their assistance!



Yay! Thanks, Leann!


Victoria S

Yes I sm interested. Especially in the peony and passionflower tho I probably will buy them all if you would let me! Thank you so much for this opportunity, I am growing in leaps and bounds!



Hi Victoria, thanks so much for being a part of the Flowerevolution & for sharing your experience. xo


Natalia Johnsen

Bamboo and Peony!!!!! Yes!yes!yes!!!! 2 of each!!!



lol. ; D



Very interested in the limited edition. Loved all the pics & descriptions! A white peony intuitive message & Google search lead me to ur website.



Wow, Miriam! That’s so cool! I love the serendipity! The flowers are calling your name. Let us know if you have questions of if we can assist in any way. <3


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