August 23, 2017

{August 23- September 22}

Virgo’s are analytical, helpful, reliable + observant. Their mind is not idealistic as they tend to focus on analyzing, solving + assessing situations. All of their motives are honest + pure. Virgo’s have strong morals which can often lead others to believe that they have a pretty serious image. Underneath, they are soft + want nothing more than a simple, predictable path that helps them reach the top. Spontaneity + improvisation are not typically a part of a Virgo’s life because of their love for structure + stability. They have desire to constantly improve, which can sometimes lead to perfectionism.

Sister Golden Cards

Since they’re ruled by Mercury, Virgos have a great sense of speech + writing. These beautiful cards will help Virgos creatively express themselves to the people they care about most!

Writing Down the Bones

This book is about freeing your inner creativity through writing! Virgo’s are very realistic, meaning creativity + idealism aren’t necessarily a path they pursue. However, creative expression is SO important! Natalie Goldberg guides you through the steps of writing + Zen practice. Her methods will help Virgos tap into their creative side + express themselves like never before!

Joy Juice Serum + Anointing Oil

Help your Virgo magnify joy, happiness + freedom with Joy Juice! Since they tend to have a serious image, bringing in a cheerful boost will only benefit them! This combination will inspire fun + let their inner child run freely. Using a serum or anointing oil will sink into the skin, digging into the roots of this earth sign’s body.

Moss Agate + Labradorite

Moss Agate encourages a positive outlook and helps skeptical Virgos be more trusting in situations they don’t understand. Labradorite accelerates decision making by revealing the truth behind illusion.

Star magic + flower petals,




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