July 12, 2016

Pink Rhododendron

I first fell in love with Rhododendrons when I was asked to speak at a conference in Seattle, WA.  The conference was focused on promoting compassionate action and the keynote speaker was HH the Dalai Lama. In his usual style, he made thousands of people melt into softness and stumble out of the conference with a huge joyous smile on their faces. During that weekend, the Rhododendrons were at their peak blooming season, as if Mother Nature was conspiring with all of us to spread compassion in action.

Earlier this spring I took a trip to Vancouver. I visited the Botanical Garden, where there’s an entire section devoted to Rhododendrons + they explode into a walkway all their own. I was amazed at the variety of colors! Take a look at these photographs + notice how they make you feel – what word or 3 words best describe the qualities you perceive in them?

Pink Rhododendron Photo

Rhododendron is a Greek word meaning ‘rose tree’; they grow in huge clusters on large bushes. There are over 1000 different varieties of Rhododendron, and you can find them in exquisite colors like cotton candy pink, coral, shocking pink, magenta, yellow, white with bright-colored dots and more. Originally native to the Himalayas and India, Rhododendron is an auspicious ingredient in incense + smoke offerings performed by Buddhists to remove obstacles + promote love. Rhododendrons can now be found in the Appalachians + Western United States.

Rhododendron strengthens all types of relationships, especially when we doubt someone’s love for us. It dissolves loneliness, yearning for love outside, and any fears that we may not be lovable. It helps us feel valued + included, and it enhances bonding in relationships.

Pink Rhododendron wakes up unconditional love within us – like the love a mother has for her child. Used during parenting, it increases bonding between children and their parents, and is especially beneficial during adoption.

rhododendron bunch ss

If we take Pink Rhododendron regularly in an elixir form ~ it inspires us to be compassionate with ourselves. If we have felt out of place, vulnerable or unprotected, it brings in a stable, enduring love. When we find ourselves getting annoyed with others, finding faults in those around us or being hard on ourselves, it helps us soften and be gentle + kind toward ourselves.

Pink Rhododendron Flower Elixir

Magnifies: Understanding, compassion + empathy; motherly love, comfort, warmth + protection; steadiness, equanimity

Dissolves: Feeling cold, alone, out of place, vulnerable; jealousy, insecurity, despair; fear of misunderstanding or betrayal.

Dive into a pink cloud of love with this elixir; click here to experience the magic of Rhododendron for yourself!

Love + flower petals,





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