April 20, 2017


{April 20 – May 20}

Loyal, patient, stubborn + reliable: these are the qualities of a Taurus. Taurus are extremely caring, and have the ability to maintain steady growth, consistently managing themselves as time goes on. Harmony is one of a Taurus’ great desires. They tend not to like change, so keeping everyone + everything working in accord is a priority. While they care deeply for other people, much of their love + attention goes to material items. They may see the quality + longevity of their belongings as integral to their persona, and therefore use much of their energy in the maintenance of those items. As a person that loves “things,” they can be pretty easy to shop for! Here are a few gifts that your favorite Taurus will love!


Earth signs are extremely grounded. They are practical + down-to-earth {pun intended}. Creating a combination of stones, moss + soil, makes the perfect gift for a Taurus! It allows them to connect with themselves as well as the earth itself. While it is small + simple, the Earth element can be a constant reminder of who you are, which is comforting for anyone who thrives on stability!

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The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Cluttered doesn’t always mean messy! Having too many things can cause mental + physical clutter, even if it’s organized. Since Taurus’ love material items, it can be easy to let their possessions get out of hand! Marie Kondo shares a surefire way to declutter your home, helping you joyfully realize what you do + don’t need!

Inner Peace Serum + Anointing Oil

The first earth sign is Taurus, meaning they are the most stable + stubborn of the group. Due to that, change is hardest for them. Inner Peace calms + stabilizes during times of transition or change. It enhances abilities to fully express oneself + feel completely comfortable in every environment. Serums would be best for a Taurus as it penetrates deep into the skin, allowing it to move through your whole body. In a way it resembles roots digging into ground, stating their intent + promoting proper growth.

Rainbow Moonstone + Aventurine

Minerals + stones will go a long way for Earth signs! Rainbow Moonstone will help blossom intuition, transitioning away from the material world + welcoming in the spiritual world! Aventurine balances the nervous system, releasing any unnecessary anxiety about change or the unknown. Together, the crystals help form a smooth spiritual transition.

Star magic + flower petals,



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