April 27, 2017

If you’re anything like me, then you understand the struggle of working in an office. Sitting inside all day in one spot is definitely not my cup of tea. I like moving, breathing in fresh air + pretty much creating my own happy environment.

To spice things up a little bit at work, I decided to put together a little contest. One that involved succulents + lots of love. Taylor + I picked out succulents that we thought fit everyone’s personality best. Once we figured that out (which took FOREVER), I recorded a type of initiation to the game (think the hunger games commencement). The rules were simple! Whoever keeps their plant baby alive the longest wins!

The competition has been going on for a few months now, so here’s an update on everyone’s plant.

Mine: Alive + full of love. I give it a few drops of water every other day then spritz some Infinite Love mist on the top to make sure it keeps on growing.

Taylor: Her baby has sprouted babies. It’s growing tall + continually growing a new little limb. S’cute.

Robbie: He never actually transferred his plant to a pot … but it keeps on growing + being awesome!

Kate: Oh, Kate. Her poor little plant. It fought for a while, but eventually lost the battle. Funeral arrangements TBD. (She’s been raising spider plant babies on the side + they’re doing very well though. #redemption)

Jodi: She decided to raise her plant baby at home, but it’s alive, filled with love + thriving!

{Katie was still in Singapore when we launched the competition, which is why she doesn’t have a succulent in the game!}

What are you going to do for your office nature competition?

Star magic + flower petals,



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