December 21, 2016


Squash Blossoms are native to the Americas. Typically thought of as a vegetable, zucchini squashes are technically a fruit. One squash plant has both female and male flowers; the female flowers are found closer in toward the center of the plant, and when pollinated,  transform into squashes. The male flowers are found closer to the periphery of the plant and after pollination, fall off the plant. The male flowers can be gathered for use in cooking, as in the popular dish in Mexican cuisine: stuffed squash blossoms {check out our delicious recipe here!}.


Squash Blossom Flower Elixir 

If there’s any area of life that feels stuck, Squash Blossom can catalyze the fluidity and flexibility necessary to dislodge blocks and liberate creativity. Helping us wake up any areas of life that feel shut down, stagnant or uninspired, it helps us move beyond our resistance. Finding creative solutions, being innovative and feeling open to opportunities are some of the side effects of moving past resistance.


Squash Blossom also helps us work through issues related to body image, sensuality and sexuality. It helps us release shame from the body, as well as any fears of not being or feeling beautiful. It is indicated when we’ve had uncomfortable or painful experiences in the past, such as sexual abuse. We may feel worried about losing control of our bodies or we’re afraid of our bodies in some subtle way. If we feel hesitant in intimate or romantic relationships, Squash Blossom helps us feel freer and more at ease in our bodies.

Squash Blossom

Along with more ease in our body, Squash Blossom dissolves fears around getting pregnant, not getting pregnant, childbirth and mothering. It balances the reproductive system, enhances fertility and helps us understand + dismantle nervousness regarding pregnancy and birth.

SQUASH BLOSSOM FLOWER ELIXIR{Magnifies} Fertility, easeful labor + childbirth, women’s reproductive balance; healthy expression of sensuality and sexuality; prolific creative expression, birthing new ideas

{Dissolves} Self-limiting patterns regarding sensuality & sexuality, trauma from past sexual abuse; fear of losing control, fear of labor and childbirth; lack of creativity, feeling stagnant or shut down

We are diving into the liberation of Squash Blossom Elixir this month in the #Flowerevolution Program.  Explore + Join the Movement ~ sign up by January 10 to receive Squash Blossom as part of your 6 month journey!


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