August 22, 2016

One summer day, a random flower I had never seen before bloomed auspiciously in my backyard. There was only one of them. No one had planted the flower. It appeared out of nowhere, like an alien dropped down from another planet. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and while a wide variety of flowers grows here in the desert, I had never seen anything like this flower before. It looked like several parasols stacked on top of one another, in hues of lavender and pink with polka dots all over the petals. In Eastern traditions, the parasol is a sign of protection from harmful forces and illness. It also represents the spaciousness and expansiveness of the sky.

After some research I found out that this flower was a spotted variety of Bee Balm. The common Bee Balm, which is red in color, doesn’t typically grow in Arizona, much less its exqui- site polka-dotted twin sister! I quickly set up to make a flower elixir of it, because I knew it could be useful in my practice. Since then, I have never seen another Bee Balm flower and it has turned out to be one of the most important elixirs I use with my clients.

Flowers sprout up in our backyards at the most auspicious times, to support us, heal us, encourage, and inspire us. Pay attention to what pops up unexpectedly in your backyard, garden, or anywhere you spend time, as they are blooming for you!

Spotted Bee Balm

Bee Balm belongs to the mint family. Also known as Horsemint, it is a flowering scented herb that is native to the United States. If you brush, crush or cut the plant, a refreshing lemony citrus fragrance is released. It attracts all types of pollinators; honeybees, bumblebees, miner bees, plasterer bees, butterflies and hummingbirds!

The leaves and flowers of Bee Balm are used in a tea commonly known as Oswego tea, drunk by several Native American tribes. From the Lakota to the Ojibwa to the Navajo, many tribes used this plant for fevers, colds, coughs, nausea, digestion, and acne. Today it is commonly used to help treat digestive & upper respiratory tract issues.

If you are attracted to the Bee Balm flower, you may recently have had a traumatic experience. If not, there may be trauma from the past that still affects you on some level, even if you’re not conscious of it. Alternatively, you may be experiencing anguish or sadness. You may also find yourself getting distracted, unable to focus on one thing, or feeling frantic or tense.

If none of the above sounds appropriate, then it could simply mean that your daily stresses are starting to take a toll on you. It’s important for you to take more time off, so you don’t burn out.

FE Spotted Bee Balm

Bee Balm soothes the intense stress that occurs as a result of traumatic experiences. These experiences alter the natural balance of the body and mind, so that it may be hard to sit still or focus. We can become easily distracted or stare off into space. We may find it too painful to be in the here and now, as we can become filled with despair. As a result, we can also become irritable or easily annoyed, or feel like no one understands what we’re going through.

Close Up Spotted Bee Balm

If not related to a traumatic event, this flower elixir helps us adjust to any kind of change or transition that disturbs the natural balance in our lives. We may feel like we’re in over our heads, or doing an impossible balancing act, causing us to spin into distress. Bee Balm soothes the nervous system, allowing us to focus and be more lighthearted. It inspires hope and compassion after stressful events.

spotted bee balm flower

{Magnifies} Soothing calm during times of transition, trauma + heartache; one-pointed focus; lightheartedness, hope, compassion

{Dissolves} Distraction, tension; anguish, despair, sadness; trauma, post-traumatic stress

Click here to experience the magic of the Spotted Bee Balm flower elixir for yourself!

Love + flower petals,


{P.S. Nectar Apothecary, one of our #weicoolpartners, shared a DIY Bee Balm Honey recipe over on their blog ‘Herbal Wisdom’. Click here for the recipe & to read more about the medicinal properties of Bee Balm!}




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