March 29, 2017

There are two things absolutely necessary for my happiness ~ travel + nature! Exploring the world is such an important part of our lives. We discover + fall in love with new places, cultures, + people. Traveling into nature is a whole ‘nother story, especially when you get to fly solo.


Life can easily be clouded by the repetitive, technology based, mundane activities we take part in. Your mind, heart + body slowly feel less energized + happy. When you take a trip into Mother Nature, you’re allowing yourself to recharge in the best way possible. Doing it on your own keeps your own agenda without any unwanted energies.


Last summer, I took a road trip up to Northern Arizona. My first stop was the famously beautiful Sedona. While it’s typically a spot for the red rock, I find more joy in the green forest trails that sit a little farther north than the town. I went on an 8 mile hike, passing under giant fallen trees, jumping over a creek, searching for little hidden mushrooms + making friends with all of the caterpillars around. I stopped halfway through the trail to snack on some strawberries + really take in my surroundings. The longer I sat there, the more energy I could feel entering my body.


After hiking back in complete bliss, I started my route to the Grand Canyon. Despite living in Arizona for 6 years, I’d never made my way to this natural wonder! With all of the windows down + Stevie Nicks cranked up, my mood was unbreakable. The drive through the national park was long, which made me antsy for the views I was going to see! When I finally caught a glance of the canyon, everyone around me seemed to disappear. It was stunning. I felt the energy of the massive canyon immediately.  Let me just say, pictures do not capture the grandeur and majesty of the Grand Canyon. If I was physically able to participate in a multi-day trek down the canyon, I would (maybe someday).


Driving home, I was on a euphoric high. I had regained all of the energy I had lost spending my time in a classroom, office + home. I was able to rebuild my overall health by setting aside some time to breathe in fresh air + completely be alone with myself + mother nature.

Schedule some time to free yourself from the busy world. See green + breathe pure air. Your mind + body will be so thankful for those moments!

Star magic + flower petals,



Barbara Dorothea

I couldn’t agree more, solo road trips to and through nature are always a highlight and I love them. Just spent a day on a little island off the coast of Sout Carolina by myself and it was sheer bliss.
Hope to see you tomorrow at the Pink Moon Flowerlounge in NYC


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