May 29, 2017

seeing the truth

i am unafraid
here I stand
I am willing
to see
the darkness
that lies within
all of our hearts
and in our bodies
in seeing
the darkness
my eyes cast light
that darkness
and in that instant
it is transformed
I am willing
to see the truth
I am willing to
be exposed
I am willing
to reveal
the madness
I am open
to what would
have previously
caused trauma
I will not turn
my head away
I will look
I will not cringe
or cower or hide
I will look at the truth
head on
full on
facing forward
I will see the ugliness
just as much as the beauty
I will not gloss over
the imperfections
I will root them out
and in that unearthing
I will see the beauty
in the imperfections
the light in the darkness
the purity
in the impurities
I will open
the wounds
and clean them out
I will prepare
elixirs and salves
and balms of healing
I will refuse to
opt for band-aids
and cover ups
I will look
I will see
I will keep my eyes open
I will be me
I will see my own darkness
my own impurities
I will see the negative
habitual patterns
of those that I love
I will be willing
to see them in myself
I will stay open
no matter what I see
I will open wider
and wider
enough to let more love
and more light in
and in that way
in the seeing
and the staying
in the remaining and
the staying by our sides
we will venture
into the no man’s land
into uncharted unknown places
and we will take the reigns


This poem inspired by Jade Vine.

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Love + flower petals,



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