October 23, 2017

{October 23 -November 21}

Scorpios are loyal, passionate, resourceful + dynamic. They share the aggressive characteristics of an Aries, but they are able to direct + control life around it rather than let it rage. They are often serious + placed in a power position. Scorpios carry an understanding of the serious + tragic nature of life. Because of that, they are also able to have a great sense of humor. However, they have a tendency to come off as cool + unattached. The reality is, they are filled with passion + power, but don’t seek out confrontation. Having control of situations is what makes a Scorpio feel safe + secure! Read on for gift ideas for your favorite Scorpio!


Since Scorpio’s carry so much tension from the world, it can be a huge release for them to simply relax. On top of that, it will keep the flame burning inside under control, making them happier + lighter than normal. Give your Scorpio a chance to simmer down + live without a single stress!

Radical Self-Love

Gala Darling helps readers manifest the magic of life to live immersed in love + adventure! It begins with loving yourself, then pursuing anything + everything you imagined. Scorpio’s are passionate; however, they are often brought down by the world around them. By learning to radiate love from the inside out, they will be able live a light + blissful life!

Infinite Love Elixir

Scorpio’s will love enhancing their magnetism + charisma! These flowers soften the heart, helping them avoid looking cold + hard to others. Carrying the awareness + harshness of life with you can sometimes bring people down. Since Scorpio’s tend to share that level of knowledge, it’s important to constantly fill yourself + others with as much love as possible! Get them an elixir to tame the fire + help it radiate love.

Rose Quartz + Blue Calcite

Allowing the heart to heal from jealousy + resentment is super important for a Scorpio’s growth. Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to dissolve those negative energies. Blue Calcite helps ease that constant need for control. Since Scorpio’s need stability to feel safe + secure, they often try to take charge of every situation. This stone will help them open up to others being in control + embrace change.

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