November 20, 2017

{November 22 – December 21}

Sagittarians are independent, ambitious, confident + curious. They symbolize growing spiritually + philosophically. Normally, they are honest with their intention + belief, making it one of their core principles. However, if they come on too strong, Sagittarians can come off as overly condemning to those who don’t share the same beliefs. Learning + understanding the world is a top priority of theirs. More often than not, Sagittarians come to reject the modern world as they are in favor of a higher truth. They love exploring + must continue to step foot in new territories to continue growing.

Road Trip!

Sagittarians are the biggest travelers between all of the zodiac signs! They love exploring + journeying as much as possible! Pick a place + drive! Anywhere you take them will end up being one for the books. They will love anything that allows them to explore something new + different!


As the zodiac sign that loves exploring new philosophies, cultures + ways of life, a book about the healing powers of flowers would be a perfect gift! Not only would they take interest in the book, but it would also help them learn about the Joy Juice you may have gotten them!

Joy Juice Mist

To avoid an overwhelming weight of seriousness, get your Sagittarian some Joy Juice Mist! With that combination, they’ll feel more freedom + sheer enjoyment! Those blissful emotions will rub off positively on others, hopefully avoiding confrontation from opposite beliefs.

White Howlite + Blue Sodalite

To help Sagittarians communicate with more subtlety + tact, think about getting them some White Howlite!  Blue Sodalite is also a great option. It helps them deal with the never-ending quest for deeper understanding! Together, these crystals would help create an amazing form of curiosity!

Star magic + flower petals,


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