August 11, 2012

Royal Poinciana

The first time I saw the Royal Poinciana tree, I was in the botanical gardens on the island of Bermuda. I was there for a work trip, training at the Fairmont Southampton Spa with Lisa from Wei of Chocolate. After several rounds of spa trainings, we found ourselves with an extra day to explore the island.

katie in banyan forest

So we rented motorbikes (the most common form of transportation in Bermuda) and took our pre-requisite 20-minute turbo training in driving on the opposite side of the road. “Stay to the left!” was my mantra under my little metal helmet as we cruised around.

jungle ocean views

The weather in Bermuda was hot and sticky, and driving around with a tropical breeze was exquisite. We drove from one side of the island to the other side, passing by breath-taking turquoise water expanses intermixed with magical banyan tree forests.

We drove into the Botanical Gardens, parked our bikes and removed our helmets. Off in the distance was one of the most beautiful flowering trees I’d even seen. From where I was it looked like a massive tree on fire. It was covered in huge flowers of an explosively bright red color – almost too bright to look at without sunglasses.

Royal Poinciana tree

As we were taking photographs of the tree and its flowers, a couple drove up on their motorbike, and the gentleman said he had grown up on the island, and this was his first time back to visit in 20 years. He brought his girlfriend along and was showing her this tree, as it was so significant to him while growing up.

Out of all the beautiful flowers I saw in Bermuda, Royal Poinciana was one that caught my eye, not only because it was stunningly beautiful, but because I wanted to share with everyone the essence of what it feels like to be in Bermuda. From driving motorbikes to swimming in underground caves to listening to the sound of the frogs sing at night – and this flower seemed to mimic the confidence and exhilarating fearlessness I felt while I was there.

Royal Poinciana 2

Also known as Flame Tree, the Royal Poinciana tree is native to Madagascar, where the wild tree is endangered as it is being cut down for firewood. Luckily it’s cultivated all over the world, not only in Bermuda, but also in Asia, where it has names like ‘Phoenix Tail’ and ‘Peacock Tree’. In Central America, it’s called, ‘Call of the Forest’, and in the Caribbean it’s called, ‘Flamboyant’, a synonym for exuberant, confident, lively, animated, vibrant, stylish and vivacious (this gives you a clue into what the flower is for).

arms + legs royal poinciana trunk

The flowers are wildly beautiful with colors ranging from the brightest of yellows to the most fiery scarlet and crimson. The trunk of the tree twists around into human-like poses, some displaying sensuous curves of a woman’s hip or branches that look all arms and legs. The leaves are an exquisite bright green in a lacy, fern-like formation, draping down toward the ground. I was quite surprised, because I’ve never seen a tree where the trunk and the leaves are just as intriguing as the flowers. At dusk the delicate leaves fold up for the night.

Royal Poinciana 3

“I’ve been loving my Royal Poinciana Elixir – I have been a lot more confident and outspoken. Speaking the truth and just being honest have been a lot more natural for me and surprisingly the response from people have been more positive than what I initially thought it would be.” -Ancois Palethorpe, Spa Manager, Bermuda

Experience the magic of Royal Poinciana!

Royal Poinciana Elixir

{Magnifies} Clarity, decisiveness, sharpness, laser focus for attaining goals, supports you in: striving for the best, constructive action, reaching for the stars; helps you feel bold, unafraid to be different, fearless + in tune with who you are, your aspirations and goals. Encourages thinking big and taking on projects that are challenging. Enhances feeling exhilarated, strong, free, protective of beneficial aims + fierce – doing whatever it takes to accomplish your goal. Royal Poinciana aligns you with your highest values, morals, offerings, abilities – the best of who you are (who you are, not what you do) – it’s about being your best.

{Dissolves} Lack of clarity, dullness, slowness, lackadaisical (or lazy) attitude, lack of motivation, shame, meekness, timidity, lack of self-worth or deep-seated patterns of “I don’t deserve … “ – feeling undeserving or uncertain. Dispels negativity + disperses any non-harmonious energy quickly, resulting in crystal clear clarity.

Love + flower petals,


Royal Poinciana



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