July 19, 2014

royal poinciana

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Before leaving Bermuda we made a couple flower essences – I wanted to be able to bottle up that feeling of fun, freedom, exhilaration + fearlessness for you.

A flower that really grabbed my attention was the Royal Poinciana, a large tree with a strong twisting trunk, bright green leaves + gorgeous fiery red flowers.

tree in bermuda

sexy tree *

tree in bermuda

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They’re sprinkled throughout the island, adding a pop of fierce color to the luscious green landscape.

royal poinciana flower

royal poinciana flower

A key word for this flower essence is conviction: certainty, certitude, assurance, confidence, sureness, no shadow of a doubt.

Clarity, decisiveness, sharpness, laser focus for attaining goals, supports you in: striving for the best, constructive action, reaching for the stars; helps you feel bold, unafraid to be different, fearless + in tune with who you are, your aspirations and goals. Encourages thinking big and taking on projects that are challenging. Enhances feeling exhilarated, strong, free, protective of beneficial aims + fierce – doing whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.  Royal Poinciana aligns you with your highest values, morals, offerings, abilities – the best of who you are (who you are, not what you do) – it’s about being your best.

Lack of clarity, dullness, slowness, lackadaisical (or lazy) attitude, lack of motivation, shame, meekness, timidity, lack of self-worth or deep-seated patterns of “I don’t deserve … “ – feeling undeserving or uncertain. Dispels negativity + disperses any non-harmonious energy quickly, resulting in crystal clear clarity.

The perfect time for taking the Royal Poinciana flower essence is when you’re making a big decision, choosing a new path, feeling unfulfilled or considering a big change. Royal Poinciana gives you clarity + conviction behind the choices you make.

My team and I all took this essence simultaneously when I got back from Bermuda to test it out. For the first few weeks some of them were saying, “I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel anything …”, but weeks later when we all sat down together and talked about what was happening for each of us, it was obvious where the changes were occurring.

ALL of us were very clearly and boldly asking for what we wanted – going out on a limb and requesting things we normally wouldn’t or would be nervous or fearful to. Royal Poinciana helps us feel on the deepest levels that we deserve the best and more – and helps us go after it. It and also helps with boundary-setting and being clear about what we want.

leaves of royal poinciana

Even the leaves are gorgeous! *

burst of color royal poinciana

burst of color

*Starred photos by Lisa Reinhardt




Will that flower essence be available for purchase ?



Hi Celia,
We have a few made up – email us if you’d like one. All of us here at LOTUSWEI have been taking it for 3-4 weeks now & we were just noting how much we all felt the difference & saw results. This is an interesting flower remedy. For the first week you feel like nothing is happening … then it starts really kicking in. And if you look retrospectively you notice a lot of things that were out of the ordinary (in a good way).


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