February 19, 2016

random act of kindness

In honor of Random Act of Kindness Week, which is February 14-20th, we have started a movement; a #rippleeffectofkindness! We took photos of flowers with special hand-written messages on the back, and left them in places for people to come across.

Why photos? You know that feeling of being in nature…and feeling totally immersed in the beauty and emotionally connected to the natural world? Time slows down and a rush of peacefulness takes over our body. Pure happiness, contentment + joy. Amazingly, studies have shown that just by looking at a photo of nature, you can ignite those same emotions! So not only will this little photo surprise make someone smile the moment they find it, if they save it and put it somewhere they will see often, it will continue to bring them joy + enhance their state of mind. Score!

random act of kindnessTo join us in creating a ripple effect of positivity + love, all you need to do is:

  1. Print out a few photos of nature (flowers, sunsets, landscapes, etc). Even a drawing would work!
  2. On the back, write a special message that will make the receiver smile BIG. You can even use the LOTUSWEI App to help generate some ideas!
  3. Sign the photo with your handle + #rippleeffectofkindness.
  4. Encourage them to share the photo on Instagram so we can feature all the random acts of kindness this movement inspires!

Ideas of where to leave your mark:

  • Place them on cars in the parking lot.
  • At the coffee shop, treat the person behind you to a free coffee and ask the barista to give the photo to them for an extra surprise.
  • Leave one in the receipt book for your waiter to find when they clear your table.
  • You can even walked up to random strangers and put it right in their hands!

random act of kindness

Stay updated on all the pay-it-forward fun and follow @rippleeffectofkindness on Instagram! And remember to tag your random acts of kindness with #rippleeffectofkindness so we can spread the love and feature you!

Love + flower petals,




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