Truth Teller Lip Balm

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  • A one-of-a-kind lip balm infused with flower remedies to help you speak your truth. Also infused with rose oil + herbal colorants giving your lips shine and a subtle tint.

    MAGNIFIES: Fearless speech, expression that enhances engaging with others, ability to speak freely about what's inside you; effortless communication even during difficult conversations, enhanced singing voice

    DISSOLVES: Fears around speaking your truth, suppression of anger and frustration, communication issues, avoidance of saying what needs to be said

    AROMA: Earthy Rose

  • Apply to your lips throughout the day ~ 5 times daily for transformative results.

  • TRUMPET VINE: Enhances fearlessness, effortless speech and more ease around communication.

    GREVILLEA: Enhances your ability to say what needs to be said without fear of hurting someone's feelings. Helps you come out of your shell and speak up freely.

    CALIFORNIA GLORY: Bigger voice and bigger presence; helpful for public speaking, singing or vocal arts. Helps you be unafraid to be yourself around others.

    PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding.

  • INGREDIENTS: *Safflower Oil, *Beeswax, *Coconut Oil, *Vitamin E, *Alkanet Root, *Annatto Seeds, Rose Essential Oil, Trumpet Vine flower essence, Fremontodendron flower essence, Grevillea flower essence and Pink Lotus flower essence.
    *Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

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Truth cannot be Told

So missing this lip balm!!! Will it ever be back in stock? The best balm every...

We miss it, too! We ARE bringing it back, though we don't have a definitive ETA. Will keep everyone updated when we do!
Saving my Lips

I am IN LOVE. I can't begin to describe the condition of my lips before this balm arrived..they were almost hard they were so dry. I have been applying this All Day, because why? I am Obsessed with the smell of this!!! It is 5pm and my lips are now soft and supple. This doesn't happen. I have used other high end, natural balms with beeswax and coconut oil, and never got these results. Must be the flower power!!! You truly use superior ingredients in your products, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I received a gift of an anointing oil in my purchase, and I was floored. It was Inner Peace and was also, in a word, majestic. What a generous, beautiful heart this company has. You have made me a forever customer. I beg of you, Please don't ever get rid of this balm!!! And if you could point me to what other products have the same fragrance, that would be much appreciated!! Bless you all.

Hi Victoria ~ Oh wow, love your feedback, thank you so much for sharing! We unfortunately don't have anything with the same fragrance as the Truth Teller, but Infinite Love line does have Rose EO in it as well {minus the elixir}... And the Inner Peace has essences that are good for strength and confidence, which are also super important when speaking our truth! So glad you're enjoying the products...Much love from us here at Lotuswei!!
Inspired Again

I bought this lip balm for myself and have enjoyed it immensely along with my other products.(Joy Juice, Infinite Love, and the sample/travel serums) The lip balm is very nourishing and silky on the lips. Seems to keep them hydrated for long periods of time. It arrived just days before my sister-n-law passed away from cancer. I feel like the products I ordered really helped me get through that day...the days leading up to her death...and the days since. I have recommended them to so many, especially, all my friends who are into a more natural lifestyle/essential oils and the ones I feel would benefit from them. I am amazed and so thankful I stumbled upon this company!

We are so thankful you found us! Thanks for spreading the flower power! xo
Love it!

Truth be told, this lip balm is the best I've ever used. Leaves my lips ultra moisturized!!

Wow, the best!? That is amazing! Thanks for the love, Kendall!
Good Stuff

I really enjoy using the Truth Teller Lip Balm. It has a lovely fragrance and makes my lips super soft.

So happy to hear! :)