True Peace Set

    • Calm, comfort and content IN A BIG WAY. Use the Inner Peace Elixir, Mist & Anointing Oil all at the same time, and feel profoundly grounded and peaceful. Dissolve stress, feel more confident and take on any challenge with ease. 

      Inner Peace Elixir :: flower essences in a delicious wildflower honey elixir*

      Inner Peace Mist :: flower essences & herbal-floral aromatherapy in a calming mist*

      Inner Peace Anointing Oil :: flower essences & long-lasting herbal-floral aromatherapy in luscious organic jojoba oil*

    • USE: *See individual products for full descriptions and ingredients.

    • INGREDIENTS: *See individual products for full descriptions and ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Peace at last

I bought this set as I teach at a college and I'm constantly surrounded by co-workers, students, and dealing with some minor medical issues that are causing undue stress. This set has helped me tremendously in not feeling overwhelmed and keeping the panicky feeling at bay. It keeps me relaxed and calm. I find that it works immediately on me too! I use it first thing in the morning to keep my mind from racing on a busy day I will have ahead and I use it at night for the same reasons, so I can unwind and sleep. I highly recommend this to anyone needing to feel relief from stress.

Wonderful, Aj! So happy to hear you're finding benefit from the set. Much love to you, xoxo

I am so thankful and pleased with this set. I have all my bases covered. I use it everyday. I even use in as a freshener in my car. The smell just soothes me. It is my favorite scent. I am at peace wherever I go!

Awesome, Chris! Thanks for sharing with us!
Inner peace achieved

I bought the inner peace set as a early Christmas present for myself. I was a little skeptical at first, but I was amazed at how I felt so calm and at peace when I used the products. I developed a new level of confidence which also brought me great security to my life. I tried the products on my husband and he had the best night of sleep ever. I could see the change in him, he was more relaxed and was at peace with himself.

Amazing! Thanks for spreading the flower-powered peaceful vibes to your husband, too! Much love to you, Lydia! xo