Mini Mist Collection

    • 6 mini mists - each one is 10ml

      Experience all of the different states of mind with the Lotus Wei Energy Mists (excellent as travel-sizes too):Joy Juice (Blood Orange + Marigold), Inner Peace (Lavender + Geranium),Infinite Love (Honey + Rose),Quiet Mind (Coriander + Geranium),Inspired Action (Pink Pepper + Cardamom),Radiant Energy (Neroli + Amyris).

    • USE: Mist above and around your face and shoulders. 

      GET CREATIVE: Mist your sheets, pillows, bedroom, office, before a date, after a party, during stressful times

    • INGREDIENTS: * See individual product pages for ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
These are the best products I have had the pleasure to use!

I was originally gifted this set by a dear friend! I enjoy sharing so friends can choose the scents they resonate with. I just bought a set for my daughter. It is wonderful for her to have these smaller bottles, especially when traveling! I highly recommend these.

Love this, Pamela! Thank you for sharing, and love the tip for using the smaller bottles when traveling
Excellent sampler

I love the size, scents and effects they're having. I also really like how long they last. Looking forward to ordering the larger versions of the scents that works the best for the changes I need in my life :)

Awesome feedback, thank you for sharing Eirin! xoxo
The perfect sampler!

This was the perfect option for me initially just because I wanted to try all of the scents and see what they smelled like. Now that I've been using the products from LotusWei I see that its more than just how it smells. I have noticed a difference in how it affects me. So now I use the mini collection and change them up daily depending on what I feel like I need that day.

Thank you so much for sharing, Kelley! Love that you're noticing a difference in how you feel with each blend as well ~ xoxoxo
Life saver!

I have Sensory Processing Sensitivity, so I was excited to try the Quiet Mind and Inner Peace mists. (Of course, I’m excited about all of the Lotus Wei products! I know that plants help us in so many ways, and this is no exception.) Because of the SPS, I have dealt with terrible, crippling bouts of anxiousness. I took herbal supplements, but none seemed to calm my mind quite well enough. Then I started using the Quiet Mind mist as soon as I received my sampler collection. It began to work instantly!! I instinctively began to breathe deeply right away, as well. Wow! Sometimes I combine the Inner Peace and Quiet Mind for a super dose of calm. Then I can get on with creativity (I’m a musician) and all other aspects of my life – unhindered by brain noise and worry/nervousness. I am SO happy to have found Katie’s flower essences! I can’t wait to delve into all of the mists!

WOW, Carol ~ what an amazing story and experience ~ thank you for sharing! We're so happy to have YOU as part of our community. Love + flower petals xoxo
Different needs everyday

I was using the Infinite Love mist for the past few months and absolutely loving it. For my month long travel, I decided to treat myself to the comforts of the mini spray. It's been so nice to travel with a scent that's familiar and healing and have a ritual of choosing what I need each morning.

Aren't the mini mists great for travel?! So glad you are enjoying and benefiting, thank you for sharing your experience MinYoon!