Inner Peace Anointing Oil

    • 5 mL
      MAGNIFIES: Deep peace, calm, confidence, comfort + contentment; strength + assuredness during times of high-stress.

    • DISSOLVES: High levels of stress & overwhelm; feeling a lack of support; nervousness, fear, lack of confidence, nervous about public speaking

    • AROMA: {Herbal Spice} Calming, grounding lavender, cedar, vetiver, geranium. 


      *Arctic Lupine - Calm, comfort, peacefulness, effortless, strength

      *Red *Hibiscus - Hope, fresh perspective, relief after long periods of stress

      *Silk Floss - Confidence, centeredness, fullest self-expression

      *Mountain Laurel - Letting it all hang out; feeling supported by life

      *Pink Lotus - wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding

      GEMSTONE - Emerald - peaceful heart, easy-going nature

      Organic essential oils. Transformative flower essences. Organic Jojoba. Roll-on.

      Scent only lasts a couple of hours because it's free of phthalates, synthetics, and chemicals. Re-applying is a plus, because you'll experience even more of the transformative effects of the flower remedies!

    • USE: Apply to pulse points 5 times daily for transformative results.

    • Certified Organic Jojoba, essential oils of *Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Coriandrum sativum (Coriander), *Juniperus communis (Juniper), *Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium), Cedrus atlantica (Cedar), and *Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver) and hand-collected flower essences of Lupinus arcticus (Arctic Lupine), Chorisia speciosa (Silk Floss), Sophora secundiflora (Mountain Laurel), Hibiscus rosasinensis (Hibiscus), Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) and gem essence of Emerald. *Cerified Organic. Excellent for children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I wanted one to help me when I am meditating or at the end of the day I just need to unwind and calm myself down. I am so glad I got it. It knocked me out within minutes after I applied it on in bed. That is a rare thing. I'm not sure what's the difference between this and Quiet Mind but Inner Peace is definitely a favourite of mine now next to Infinite Love. My 2 main fragrances that I can't live without now. Thank you, Lotus Wei!

Healing TLC on the go!

As I am having another bout of joint stiffness + inflammation in my thumbs, I started using the Inner Peace Serum in the morning and before going to bed. During the day I have the Anointing Oil ready in my handbag so I can give my thumbs a little TLC on the go and I am amazed! Together with some arnica supplements nothing else is needed and the pain is going away. Thank you, so happy Lotus Wei is part of my life.

They LOVE it!!!

I bought this product for a friend after she used up all of the Inner Peace perfume I gifted her. Her and her husband love it so much. I was worried about switching products on them. But they both said this works so well for them. My friend said to me the other day that she forgot to put it on before she came into work and she could tell the difference. I'm confident in saying that this is making a difference in their lives. Thank YOU for creating Inner Peace...xxO

Wow, thanks for spreading the love, Gerri! That is so kind of you. And SO happy to hear they are loving the peace! xo
Love the smell!

Just love the smell of Inner Peace (for me, more appealing than the quiet mind) and find myself reapplying it. :-) The best part is that after using it for the past week that I'm more patient with myself and others, and have noticed that comments made by a particularly challenging person in my life doesn't get under my skin. I'm sure I will purchase this again and am looking forward to trying out the Joy Juice next!

So happy to hear that you are enjoying the anointing oil! You will loooove the Joy Juice oil if you love citrus + jasmine (which is one of my favorite flowers)!

This is my favorite of the anointing oils. It is just lovely. I get a lot of geranium, but there other mentioned scents, as well. Very relaxing.

Thanks for the review, Lolo! If you haven't seen it already, we published a post on our blog about the Anointing Oils and at the end, we wrote a fun ritual to keep in mind when anointing your body with precious botanicals! xo