August 11, 2012

Pink Primrose Photo

The Pink Primrose flower, aka Mexican Primrose or Pink Evening Primrose, is native to the Southwest, most commonly seen in states like Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Southern California – as well as south of the border in Mexico.It blooms in spring and summer, and occasionally in the fall. The pastel pink flowers bloom in the evening and nighttime, staying open during the day, closing only when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

What’s most amazing about this flower is how prolifically it grows. When the plant gets water, they spring up very fast and are a strong, hardy plant, despite how delicate the flower looks.

They are most commonly pollinated by moths, as they are mainly night-blooming flowers; however, bees, butterflies and birds also love these pink blossoms. The flowers glow at dusk and though they don’t have much of a scent, you can sometimes detect a faint whiff of an aroma like bubble gum or earl grey.

Primrose can grow in what would be challenging conditions for most plants: dry, rocky and nutrient-poor soil. When planted in non-native areas or places where the soil is nutrient-rich, gardeners find that when they plant them too close together they can become invasive – they take over rapidly and confetti the area in an explosion of pink.

I personally love the wild look, so I wouldn’t mind if the primrose took over a lawn. In fact I would rather have a lawn of primrose flowers than perfectly manicured grass, but to each her own. If you ever plant this flower, make sure it’s not in a six-foot garden – it needs space because it will travel.

Gardeners who like each plant or flower to stay in a particular area of their garden can be driven nuts by this flower, because it grows in and around other plants. It doesn’t choke out the other plants or harm them – it just fills in the spaces with pastel pink.

field of pink primrose

For that very reason, Mexican Primrose is good for inexperienced or low maintenance gardeners, because it’s drought-tolerant and each root grows another 30 rootlets and the plant spreads very fast.

If you’re looking for a plant that acts as ground cover, this is it. I dream of the days when Dandelions and Primrose are allowed to roam free in green lawns. If you’re not a gardener, this is the perfect plant for you, because it will grow and grow, no matter what conditions or if you forget to water it.

I first discovered and collected the Pink Primrose flower south of the border – in Tecate, Mexico. The variety is: Oenothera speciosa var. childish, which is noted to be less invasive than other varieties and has beautiful dark pink veins in the flower petals.

I was at a very special place called Rancho La Puerta. It was fall, and I was there for a spa industry event – my first one ever. I was a bit nervous, because I wasn’t sure if I would fit in to the spa world.

So I went to an event led by the Green Spa Network, a group of spa professionals dedicated to eco-friendly practices and products. I ended up getting choked up on the last day of the conference, because I had realized that I had felt so alone in my career doing flower essences consultations. And I realized that I had found a whole group of people who cared equally as deeply about saving the planet and humanity – so deeply that it was at the core of their being – and the motivation for how they lived their lives and ran their businesses.

The host location of the conference was Rancho La Puerta, considered the mother spa of all spas in North America, because they first opened their doors in 1940 and their focus and core of what they do has always been wellness (not just in the last decade as it has become trendy).


The first time I went to “the ranch” I fell in love, and every time I go back the love sinks in more and more strongly. Most people go to the the ranch for a week at a time – everything is included, from the beautiful Villas to the food (most of which comes from their on-site organic garden), from the classes in art, fitness and wellbeing to the spa and outdoor hot tubs and swimming pools located in different areas around the 3000-acre property. There are classes ranging from handwriting analysis to sculpting to cooking. Meals are all community-oriented, as you sit at large tables and meet new people each time.

What I love most about the ranch is how strongly nature weaves into the moment-to-moment experience – there are beautiful trees and flowers everywhere and the property is laid out as such that you can be there with 300 other people, yet you feel like you’re alone, walking peacefully down the trail.

Katie on Hammock Rancho LaPuerta

You can also go hiking, as the ranch sits at the base of Mount Kuchumaa. I also love swinging in the hammocks under the trees and sitting in the outdoor hot tub listening to the birds sing – super meditative. Aside from the lounge where you can get wi-fi, the property is pretty much off the grid and your body takes about three days to full unwind its knots from the chaotic effects of technology on our daily lives and on our bodies.

Last year I was at Rancho La Puerta to give a talk, so while I was there I sat down with Sarah Livia Brightwood, one of the owners of Rancho La Puerta – and the visionary responsible for the luscious landscaping and gardens, as well as the guiding light behind their organic farming, cooking school and environmental practices.

Sarah Livia was curious about the qualities of the Primrose flower remedy and as I explained she nodded her head and said that it matched up perfectly with the personality of the plant as it grows. She talked about how impressive the Mexican Primrose plant is – as it explodes and grows so prolifically.

It’s no surprise that part of what this flower essence does is to prepare us for ‘explosive growth’. I certainly found it, or was attracted to it, at the right timing for me personally. When I originally made this flower essence, it was shortly before the launch our line of products in the spa industry and online. After making (and ingesting) the Primrose flower essence and launching the product line, our business more than doubled annually each of the first couple years.

A few years later, our sister company Wei of Chocolate infused a special chocolate with this flower remedy (my absolute favorite), called Wei Inspired, with Pink Himalayan Salt + the Pink Primrose flower essence. It’s divinely delicious, and you can really feel the effects as you’re sucking on chocolate while working on creative or work projects.

If you really resonate with this flower remedy, you may notice that you’re teeing up a big vision or that a big project might be in your future. Interestingly enough, though, the whole premise of this flower is to make us fearless and to make these big projects feel effortless.

Experience the magic of Pink Primrose!

Primrose Elixir

{Magnifies} Sense of being called to action, being ‘in tune’ and in harmony; fearless about new ideas, birthing new ideas and projects; moving from one stage to another, preparation for the next step; effortless action: daily to’do’s, projects and working toward your goals feels full of ease and effortlessness; enhances thinking outside the box, feeling creative, innovative and ‘ready’; feeling prepared, equipped and ‘all in’; feeling like the conditions are ‘right’ for what you want to achieve; going for it and being successful, no matter what kind of environment you’re in.

{Dissolves} Fears, reluctance, hesitancy, holding back; helps you recognize and eliminate anything that is not harmonious in your life; dissolves the feeling that things are a chore, tiring or a drain on energy; eliminates feeling unprepared, caught off guard or feeling stuck or stagnant.

Love + flower petals,




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