August 11, 2012

peony flower essence

Though the Peony is native to Asia, Europe and Western North America, it is in Asia that it seems to have made its biggest impression. In Chinese culture, the Peony flower is the ‘King of all Flowers’. I personally tend to think of it more like the ‘Queen of all Flowers’, because it’s so feminine and ruffly.

In any case, the Peony has long been a deeply significant flower for Chinese culture (cultivated all the way back to 900 BC), and it’s also commonly known to the Chinese as the ‘Flower of Riches and Honor’. It is common to see Peonies in paintings, ceramics and other household items in Asia.

peony flower chinese art

Aside from the Lotus flower it is one of the most common flowers painted as a sacred offering flower in thangkas, or Tibetan paintings. It is commonly seen in Chinese, Korean and Japanese art as well.

There are about thirty different varieties of Peony flowers ranging in color from pale pink to magenta red to yellow or white. The flowers are huge and highly fragrant, flowering in late spring to early summer.

red peony

peony white

Though it is virtually impossible to make an essential oil from the Peony flower, in Asia the fresh petals are used to flavor tea. In China, the petals were boiled and sweetened into a kind of treat to be eaten with tea. If you have any Peony flowers growing in your garden that are free of pesticides, you can add the fragrant petals to salads or beverages.

The Peony is also highly regarded as a medicinal herb. The roots are used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean traditional herbal medicine systems, and depending on the color of the roots (white or red), the health benefits differ.

In the book, The Language of Flowers, along with other texts relating to Victorian meanings of flowers, the Peony flower means ‘Shame’ or ‘Bashfulness’. Although I loved the fiction book, I find the flower meanings interesting, yet sort of strange.

In my view, the effects of being around the Peony flower or the benefits of taking the Peony flower elixir, is that it eliminates shame or bashfulness. In fact it reveals more of a sense of one’s sensuality and feeling whole and uninhibited.

peony bud

pink peony

pink peony flower essence

Have you ever buried your face in a Peony flower? You’re completely enveloped by its scent and essence. The flower is huge and soft and ruffly – unabashedly itself. There is no ounce of ‘meek’ in this flower. It’s all in. It’s sexy in an elegant, yet down-to-earth way.

Loved by so many, the Peony flower magnifies our sense of abundance. It makes you feel full, whole, abundant, grateful. And that kind of mentality just attracts more of that. Peony flower dissolves any sense of ‘lack’ or ‘I don’t have enough’ or ‘I’m not enough’. ‘Lack’ does not exist in the Peony world. Peony is like a gorgeous woman with huge ruffly skirts dancing – exquisite, gracious and full of life.

Peony makes you feel luscious, wild, delicious – like everything is at your fingertips – and everything is possible. With Peony flower essence, you find the proper way to do things. You magnetize what you need – instead of striving and working too hard and over- extending. Instead, it just comes to you.

It’s actually a myth that Peonies can’t bloom without the help of the ants. On the contrary, the Peony flower buds release a sweet, sticky nectar that attracts the ants. In the same way, you’ll find that there’s an army of assistance just waiting to be attracted to helping you achieve your vision.


{Peony Facial Mist}

This is one of those precious projects that you can only do at home. This is not something you can find in any store.

If you have Peony flowers growing in your garden or know someone else who does, and that would let you have a few blossoms, here’s what you do:

Get two large handfuls of fresh Peony flower petals, bruise them slightly and add them to a cup of cold water in a pan. Heat the flower petal water on a low flame, very gently, then strain the flower petals out of the water after ten minutes.

Put the water into a spray bottle and store in the refrigerator. Add 5-10 drops of Peony elixir to the Peony water and shake gently. Hold the bottle in your hands and infuse it with your prayers and wishes. Lavish this Peony water on your face many times as you can each day, because you’ve got to use it up within one week! If you find that you have a lot left over at the end of the week, pour yourself a nice hot bath and add your Peony water to the bath.

*Peonies are poisonous to cats, so don’t let the cats drink it.

{Peony Flower Bouquet}

Peony bouquet face

If you don’t have any Peony flowers growing anywhere near you, buy yourself a bouquet of Peony flowers this spring/summer and put them in a vase somewhere where you’ll be able to enjoy them. Peonies are among the most expensive cut flowers, but hey – you deserve it!

Strange-but-true florist tip: A couple Peony flowers look especially amazing in those blue mason jars! This is one of those flowers that doesn’t need any other supporting flowers with it in a bouquet – it looks amazing by itself!

{Peony Petal Bliss Imagery}

If you absolutely love Peonies, but they’re not available, then click here to bliss out and get visually enveloped by gorgeous Peony images of all colors on a special Peony Pinterest board that I made just for you!

Experience the magic of Pink Peony!

Peony Elixir

{Magnifies} Abundance, prosperity, gratitude, contentment and the ability to magnetize. Feel full, satiated, whole, luscious and uninhibited. Inspires elegance, gracefulness and a sense of one’s own sensuous innocence and purity. Feel completely enveloped by your own lusciousness and what’s available to you.

{Dissolves} Feelings of shame, embarrassment, shyness or sensing a lack of anything – that there is not enough of something in the world or that ones needs are not met. Eliminates the habit of over-extending, and feeling like you have to work so hard in order to get what you want.

Love + flower petals,


Peony pastel pink closeup



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