One of the most fragrant woods in the world, Palo Santo is a botanical treasure native to South America. In Spanish, Palo Santo translates to ‘holy wood’ ~ lending to the belief that when used in sacred ritual, it allows for a deeper spiritual connection. Smudging your home with the magic of Palo Santo cleanses the atmosphere of negative energy, promotes good fortune & abundance, and inspires extraordinary creativity.

Exquisite Practice

Light the stick and let the smoke from the smoldering ember fill the space around you. Holding the Palo Santo in your hand, visualize that the elegant wisps of smoke transform into beautiful o erings fulfilling all wishes of all beings, carried into the world and manifesting through the unseen forces of nature.

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Flower Elixir

Enjoy nectar-like drops sublingually or in your water bottle.

Energy Mist

Mist yourself and let it rain down around your face and shoulders.

Balancing Serum

Luscious oil serum applied to your face and the back of your neck.

Transformative Perfume

Spritz your wrists, heart, hair, neck. Blend together and inhale.


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