True Strength Flower Essence Blend

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If you're here, you're ready for what's coming!

We're currently formulating the True Strength blend that will include four special elixirs. In the meantime, check out the single flower elixirs found in this blend.

True Strength will help you... 

  • Use compassion to transform pain or challenges into insights, without the extremes of isolation and withdrawal.
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings as they arise, knowing that they are coming up to come out.
  • Feel a sense of wholeness + self-completion and that there is nothing outside of yourself that you need.
  • Embrace the discipline necessary to bring your dreams into reality.
  • Heal old father wounds + tap into the divine masculine.
  • Appreciate and grow your sense of community.
  • Bring clarity, strength and momentum on the days you feel like you don't have what it takes.
  • Revisit what’s most important to you so you can determine exactly what you want to accomplish.
  • Light a fire, giving you the strength and determination to make anything happen.
  • Cut through pessimism, worry and negative thoughts.
  • Give you a fresh outlook + a sense that anything is possible
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and your infinite possibilities for personal growth.

pink torch ginger Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

Pink Torch Ginger
Activate: Interconnectedness
Message: Purify old patterns—let it come up to come out.

If you are attracted to the Pink Torch Ginger, you may be developing a deeper awareness of a process that occurs within yourself—the process of unearthing, revisiting, and re-experiencing things that have happened in the past, in order to liberate their patterns from your system. When past painful experiences lodge within our systems, they form a sort of patterning and affect how we perceive our life as well as other people’s behavior. In other words, we’re all looking through a certain kind of filter or glasses.

Pink Torch Ginger helps us transform pain or challenges into insights, without the extremes of isolation and withdrawal, nor feeling like we need something from the outside to feel whole and complete. Instead of needing a certain kind of relationship, partner, child, career or other experience to complete us and attain our full capacity for happiness, we are able to see we have that ability innately within us. If we’re in a position that we feel like this is not happening, we may isolate ourselves. We may be aloof, distanced, lonely or feel a sense of separation or abandonment.

Pink Torch Ginger shows us how to observe our thoughts and feelings as they arise, knowing that they are coming up to come out. It is the “sacred sting” or the discomfort or pain that arises as we let go of a particular pattern. As we are in the process of cleansing or unraveling a pattern, we re-experience it on the way out. We can use that experience of a "sacred sting" to dislodge our past wounded patterns, unravel and reverse the patterning, and feel a sense of wholeness and self-completion. 



Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences redwood tree

Activate: Divine masculine
Message: Stand firmly planted.

If you’re attracted to Redwood, you may be feeling as though you don’t belong or that there is a lack of support in your life. A sense of instability, overstimulation, and overwhelm may be causing you to feel lost or like you don’t know in which direction to move. There might be a tendency towards immaturity—keeping your head in the clouds and not implementing the discipline necessary to make your dreams a reality.

You may also be dealing old father/masculine wounds regarding abandonment, not getting enough love and attention, or feeling generally unsupported and disregarded. 

Redwood can also indicate disturbances in regards to physical balance: fears around or a tendency to fall, lack of coordination, being unstable on the feet, or even dreams of falling.

Redwood elixir helps us to feel at home no matter where we are. There is a sense of belonging and knowing that we are always supported—because we do belong and we are supported by this beautiful Earth we call home, and we can always access that unwavering stability. We allow ourselves to feel welcomed, looked out for, and completely accepted by those we trust.

This tree essence encourages us to notice where we feel a sense of community—which can be with other people or even places, environments, plants, and animals—and ask ourselves how we can create even more community. And, Redwood strengthens these bonds by opening us up to more easily receive assistance from others so we become more free to offer support in return. In other words, the more we are able to receive, the more we are able to give.

Redwood elixir allows us to tap into the stability that already exists within ourselves. By learning to observe ourselves—our thoughts, our emotions, our reactions—we can separate from those things and realize they do not define us. The biggest, vastest, most reliable version of you is the one observing all that occurs.




Horsetail LOTUSWEI flower essences true strength

Activate: Determination
Message: Make it happen.

If you're attracted to Horsetail, lately you may have been feeling tired, overexerted and stretched thin—in your work, your relationships, your health, or simply just your day-to-day responsibilities.

Perhaps there is a large project or endeavor you want to accomplish, and you're doubting whether you have what it takes. You might be finding yourself slouching with exhaustion, getting stuck in the little details or not able to finish a task. 

Horsetail essence helps bring clarity, strength, and momentum, perfect for those days when you feel like you don't have what it takes. It lights a fire, giving you the strength and determination to make anything happen.

Anything that you’ve felt stuck in or felt that you don’t have what it takes—now is the time to revisit what’s most important to you. What are you determined to accomplish?



strawberry blossom LOTUSWEI flower essences

Strawberry Blossom
Message: Expect the best.

If you’re attracted to the Strawberry Blossom, you may feel like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. You may notice your mind making up scenarios about the future and expecting the worst outcome. There may be an area of your life that fills you with dread or has you spinning with negative possibilities.

You might catch yourself feeling like “Negative Nelly,” either complaining or anticipation unfavorable circumstances. You may feel in need of fresh energy and opportunities.

Imagine the feeling we get, in the forest or in a garden, when we see a strawberry patch full of ripe strawberries. It’s like a miracle! We feel so lucky. And when we reach down to pick and eat these ruby-red jewels it’s like a secret treasure that we were lucky enough to find.

That sense of good fortune is the feeling that Strawberry Blossom imparts. It dissolves the habit of expecting or preparing for the worst and gives us a fresh outlook—a sense that anything is possible. It cuts through pessimism, worry and negative thoughts. It helps us have a deeper understanding of ourselves and our infinite possibilities for personal growth.

True Strength is coming soon!