We are thrilled to unveil the PETALS program ~ our way of thanking you for being a part of the LOTUSWEI community! 

With the PETALS rewards program, you'll earn Petals (points) for:
  • Signing up (Simply create an account here on the website! Already have an account? You're ready to start earning petals!)
  • With every purchase (on-line or in our SAN Center location): you earn one petal for every $1 spent
  •  Following LOTUSWEI on Instagram
  • Sharing and/or liking LOTUSWEI on Facebook
  • Your Birthday!
Once you've earned 500 petals, you'll be able to redeem them for $20 off your next purchase!

Want to redeem your Petals sooner? You can also use them for free shipping* with only 300 Petals!

That's not all ... you also get rewarded for referrals in the PETALS program.

We are so grateful to you for sharing LOTUSWEI with your friends + family - that’s how a positive ripple effect is spread! 

You can share the flower power by sending $15 to whomever you'd like via social or email (or text or carrier pigeon). Once they've spent their $15, you ALSO receive $15!

To view your PETALS account - where you can add your birthday and share/like/follow via social - simply click the indigo button in the left hand corner of the website. On desktop it says 'PETALS PROGRAM;' on mobile, it's a round blue button with the LOTUSWEI logo in magenta and white.

Have questions? (Or want to tell us how excited you are about this?😉) Email and we'll be happy to help you out (or rejoice with you)!


*free shipping up to $10.80