Flower Telling

Hi , Here ya go! Here’s the more detailed flower power report based on the three flowers you chose. You’ll always be drawn to what you need most in the moment! So here’s the scoop:

Pink Spirea

Pink Spirea is indicated when you’ve been feeling overly serious - when you have a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes we get working so hard as adults that we forget what it’s like to be a kid. We forget about our inner child and the need to play, laugh and have fun. We look at others laughing and being silly and think, “I don’t have time for that.” Pink spirea helps you enjoy life more. It dissolves any old sadness or old wounds of the heart (without having to process or understand it - they just vanish, that easy!). Pink spirea helps you cut loose more, helps you allow your inner child to play more. It softens the seriousness and helps you experience more joy, light-heartedness and sense of freedom. By using Joy Juice five times in one day, by the evening time you may already notice yourself laughing more, and making other people laugh. Sometimes we get too serious about saving the world - this blend helps us have more fun doing it! Joy Juice Collection

African Daisy

The African Daisy flower is for when you’re feeling the weight of responsibilities on your shoulders. It’s when life has become a bit too serious and it’s hard to play or have fun, because we have so many serious issues at hand. It can also be indicated for when we’re unsure of our path ahead - if we have questions about our life’s path. African Daisy clarifies your special talents and helps you not take life so seriously. It brings out your playfulness, charm and joyful humility. If you’ve been feeling distant from others, it helps you feel more down to earth and more connected to others. After using Joy Juice during the day, by the evening time you may already notice yourself enjoying life more and having more fun. To avoid getting too serious about work - this blend helps us be more playful and connect more with others in a humorous way! Joy Juice Collection
Birdsfoot lotus joy juice

Birdsfoot Lotus

Birdsfoot Lotus is usually chosen by people who either have a perpetual habit of worrying, or who have been worry about a particular issue lately. The emotional state of worry oftentimes leads to butterflies in the stomach, stomachaches or even acute or chronic digestive issues. Birdsfoot Lotus flower elixir dissolves worry and anxiety or fearing the worst - it helps you feel content and happy. You feel lighter and brighter, with more ease in life and more laughter. It inspires cheerfulness, expecting the best outcomes and a ‘happy belly’. When you use Joy Juice you may notice yourself taking it easier and worrying less. You may suddenly hear the birds singing outside and feel like you’re enjoying life more. It’s a helpful blend to have around when traveling. Joy Juice Collection
Chocolate flower joy juice

Chocolate Daisy

Chocolate Daisy got its name because its blossoms smell like chocolate! Chocolate Daisy is for helping you simplify your thinking, stream line your projects and make your life easier. When you’re feeling like things are getting complicated, muddled, unclear or messy, this elixir helps you feel clear. It gives you a sense of cheerful simplicity - it helps you choose the simplest, most effortless way of doing things. Chocolate Daisy gives you energy and encourages you to be easy-going. Whenever you find yourself complicating things, wanting to make grandiose, intricate, time-consuming plans, or find yourself getting stuck, reach for the Joy Juice. Chocolate Daisy elixir helps simplify thought processes so you can choose the most effortless, yet impactful and meaningful outcome. Joy Juice Collection

Arctic Lupine

Arctic Lupine indicates that you’re spreading yourself too thin. You might be experiencing overwhelm or feel like you need more support. You could also be experiencing low level anxiety, worry or a heavy heart. This flower elixir helps you feel calm, comforted and peaceful. It gives you the strength to navigate through any of life’s challenges gracefully and effortlessly. It also inspires a sense of safety, protection and family. Arctic Lupine is also a go-to elixir for the nervousness during public speaking. It’s supremely calming and boosts confidence so that nothing can move you from your center. Inner Peace Collection
Red hibiscus inner peace

Red Hibiscus

You’ve had one stressful event after another - a string of challenging situations that leave you wondering what’s next. Red Hibiscus flower elixir gives you a light at the end of the tunnel. It inspires a fresh perspective, and a new hope - a sense of relief and happiness. Inner Peace Collection
Mountain laurel inner peace

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel helps you let it all hang out and feel totally comfortable in your own skin - comfortable with who and how you are. It helps you feel embraced and supported by life. It gives you a sense of letting go and feeling free. Mountain Laurel dissolves tension, worry, fear and insecurities. When you feel like you’re playing small, this flower helps you recognize and embody your greatness. This flower elixir can also be helpful for weight gain due to ‘holding it all in’ or holding on too tightly to something out of fear. Mountain Laurel flower elixir dissolves shyness and helps you be who you really are, no matter who you’re with or what situation you’re in. Inner Peace Collection
Silk floss inner peace

Silk Floss Flower

In some area of your life you feel shy or you are holding back, or feeling out of balance and off kilter. Silk Floss flower elixir boosts your confidence and helps you feel calm and centered. It also helps you feel really comfortable with who and how you are, encouraging your fullest self-expression. Who doesn’t want to experience more confidence and wilder self-expression? If there’s any situation in which you need a shot of confidence, this is the elixir. Inner Peace Collection
Hong kong orchid infinite love

Hong Kong Orchid

When you have a tendency to set high standards, be a perfectionist or hard on yourself. Also when you fear being heard or seen as you truly are - of being exposed to the world. When you’re self-critical or when you hear yourself saying negative things to yourself in your mind (things that you wouldn’t say to a three-year-old). Hong Kong Orchid helps you experience self-love and appreciation, it quiets any mental negative self-talk and helps you feel comfortable with who you are. It allows you to express yourself fully and enhances your ability to love others. If you get on a regular regime of Infinite Love five times each day to test out the effects, within a week you’ll notice loved ones being much more affectionate - and you’ll get more compliments from strangers. Infinite Love Collection
Hawkweed infinite love

Wild Hawkweed

If you’ve been feeling a bit daydreamy, indulging in mental fantasies or experience mental fogginess, Wild Hawkweed gives you clarity and brings you down to earth. It helps bring your energy from your lower chakras up into your crown - it straightens your posture, enhances your ability to breathe deeply and helps you be clear about the choices your make. In relationships, this flower helps you feel self-sufficient, with a sense that anything can be accomplished. You fall in love with yourself so much that you don’t ‘need’ love from others - it cuts through any neediness and non-constructive wanting or desire, giving way to true unconditional love for yourself and others. We all know that feeling - that yearning for another’s love, warmth and affection. However, sometimes it leads us to make decisions based out of “I need” and “I want”, which clouds our understanding of what’s truly best. After all, the best kind of love we can express has nothing to do with our own needs. And the more we love ourselves, the more radiant and lovable we’ll be! Infinite Love Collection
Fireweed infinite love

Wild Fireweed

Wild Fireweed dissolves old bad memories or traumatic experiences that have gotten recorded in our cellular memory - they could be recent, or from when we were tiny babies or even in the womb. Usually it’s memories that we don’t consciously think of, or even realize are affecting us. It is also indicated for times in our lives that we feel uprooted, emotionally attacked and emotionally drained. Wild Fireweed flower elixir gives you a sense that love is all around. It magnifies the love that you have for yourself and others, and makes forgiveness and purity of heart all that much easier. Wild fireweed springs up whenever freeways are built across prairies, because fireweed helps plants, animals and environments recover after traumatic experiences. All of our bodies have registered some sort of emotional trauma at one time or another - how wonderful that a flower elixir can dissolve those old memories so they don’t affect us today! Infinite Love Collection
Pink magnolia infinite love

Pink Magnolia

You’re a kind and compassionate person - you’ve been giving your energy to others - to children, parents, students, colleagues, or friends ... and forgetting to take care of yourself. Pink Magnolia flower elixir helps you feel more whole and complete. It helps you retain more of your own energy, or at least store a reserve aside for yourself, instead of depleting yourself - in that way it offers a sort of protection. Pink Magnolia helps you benefit and serve others, without completely draining yourself in the process. It’s a constant reminder to care for yourself first in order to avoid feeling fatigued and overworked. After all, you can only give quality gifts of energy, time and care - when you’re balanced and cared for. Infinite Love Collection
Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Your mind is busy - swirling with ideas and thoughts. Sometimes it might be hard to turn off the monkey mind, which can keep you awake at night, when you’d rather be sleeping. Bird of Paradise flower elixir is also helpful when you tend to over-intellectualize things - it helps bring some of your energy from your head down into your heart, so that you can learn by experience and mindful-awareness vs. only from intellectual learning. When you find yourself over-analyzing, this flower elixir will help quiet your mind and help you feel more connected to what’s around you, so you can intuit solutions effortlessly. Bird of Paradise also helps you get a better night’s sleep! We all think too much - we spend way too much energy reminiscing about the past or worrying/dreaming about the future, which inhibits our ability to truly enjoy the present. Meditation is one of the best methods for training ourselves in mindful-awareness. Bird of Paradise offers a great support for both meditators and non-meditators alike, at quieting the chatter and awakening a sharper sense of moment-to-moment clarity. Quiet Mind Collection
Passionflower quiet mind


Does this sound like you? You’ve got muscular tension, frazzled nerves, adrenal overload, depletion, mental chatter and you don’t sleep so well at night. Passionflower magnifies deep peacefulness and comfort. It helps you let go of whatever situations worry you - it enhances your ability to take breaks, take naps and sleep more deeply. It helps you slow down a little, let it all hang out, and feel more grounded, steady and balanced. Passionflower strengthens your intuition and experience of spiritual connection. It magnifies your awareness of your own fullness, abundance and purity. Important: it’s okay to take naps! They are especially beneficial when taking Passionflower essence, because it resets your systems and helps you resolve any internal issues on a subconscious level through sleeping. Quiet Mind Collection
Datura quiet mind

Angel’s Trumpet

When you’re overworking, or letting life’s challenges get to you, Angel’s Trumpet flower elixir makes sure that you don’t let life’s challenges harden your heart, rather you allow them to transform you in a positive way. Angel’s Trumpet enhances our ability to assimilate change and growth. It helps us take note of situations that press our buttons so we can recognize the strength and power of surrendering, and using those experiences to gain insights and grow. It transforms seriousness into beauty, creativity, expression and expansion from the inside out. Angel’s Trumpet helps you feel more calm, centered and organized. It increases your ability to accept help and not have to do everything yourself. Quiet Mind Collection
Dandelion quiet mind


If you picked Dandelion, you most likely have tension in your neck and shoulders right now. Dandelion dissolves physical tension (if you use it five times/day, you’ll likely get relief within one day!) and helps you be more aware about how you store stress in the physical body. It helps you identify mental and emotional causes of muscular tension. Dandelion is one of the most important plants today. As our diets get more polluted by pesticides and our environments more toxic, Dandelion root and leaves cleanse the blood and liver - which in turn clarifies the skin. Dandelion flower elixir helps us be more aware of where stress might create toxic tensions in the body. Let those persistent dandelions grow in your lawns! Mother Nature provides for us in abundance what we need. And who doesn’t love making wishes and blowing their fuzzy seeds? Quiet Mind Collection
Fire star orchid inspired action

Fire Star Orchid

You have a tendency to embrace new ideas, but sometimes you’re hard on yourself or tentative to share your ideas, fearing what other people might say. Fire Star Orchid enhances fearless creativity and helps you share ideas that are out-of-the-box, different and ahead of the curve. It stimulates creativity and helps you see beyond what you’ve seen thus far, gaining new perspectives and insights. It energizes you and inspires the joy that comes with being creative. Don’t let anyone stop you from creating and dreaming up crazy brilliance - the world needs your unique ideas! Inpired Action Collection
Euphrasia inspired action


Have you had one of those moments recently where you’re trying to decide on something? It could be what to eat from the menu or what to do in your business - and you’re vacillating between this one or that one ... then you pick one and doubt whether or not you picked the ‘right’ one. Euphrasia dissolves indecision, self-doubt and lack of trust in yourself. Likewise it enhances your intuition, decisiveness, and trusting yourself and your decisions. It helps you make decisions more quickly and be more effective in business and in life in general. The faster we can make clear, smart decisions, the more we can expand our positive impact in the world. Inpired Action Collection
Chandelier succulent inspired action

Chandelier Succulent

You’ve got some projects that you started, but find hard to finish. You might feel stuck or that you lost steam or simply have a general lack of follow through. You be a great starter but lack the oompf to complete your projects. Chandelier Succulent flower elixir gives you unwavering determination and momentum. It gives you strength and energy to move through any internal blocks and helps you know in every fiber of your body that you have what it takes. Chandelier is super helpful for any kind of writing and even helps you finish sentences when you’re searching for the right words. It also enhances team work - it’s a good one to share during group projects. Lack of follow through happens to the best of us - especially when you have so many things you want to accomplish and so many ideas. Chandelier Succulent helps you discern which projects are worth taking to completion, and which ones to let go of until later. And for those projects that you absolutely have to finish (finishing your taxes, writing a book, boxing up stuff to move, pulling off that thesis paper, completing a major proposal at work) this flower elixir will give you the boost you need to take it successfully to the end - and in a surprisingly effortless way. Inpired Action Collection
Red bird of paradise inspired action

Red Bird of Paradise

There’s something on your to-do list that you don’t feel like doing - you might feel the procrastination settling over you, or when you simply feel too overwhelmed at the quantity of work expected from you. Or you might just be getting lost in all the little easy things to do, while ignoring the big priorities that are truly the most important to you. Red Bird of Paradise gives you energy, vitality, motivation and a ‘get it done now’ attitude. It amps up your focus, drive and clarity. It literally makes you unstoppable. This elixir helps you keep crystal clear on your priorities and not get lost in all the little things. It’s a productivity hack, making you ten times more productive, efficient and effective. Imagine a flower that blooms in the Arizona desert during summer when it’s 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46C)! Every other flower is hiding or wilting from the fiery heat, and this flower is in full happy bloom. That’s the kind of energy we need sometimes. Inpired Action Collection
Pomegranate radiant energy


You’re feeling tired and run down. You feel like taking naps - everyday - out of fatigue (hey, nothing wrong with naps though). Or you feel as though other people’s stress is affecting you too much: someone around you gets stressed or irritable and suddenly it is creeping into your state of mind too. Yet another option: if you’re a woman you may have irregular cycles, hormonal imbalances or reproductive issues. Pomegranate dissolves irritation and gently cleanses your body and mind of toxins from pollution and unwanted energies. It balances reproductive organs, which in most cases decreases PMS symptoms and cramps, and regulates cycles to absolute prediction. Pomegranate also enhances creative and self-expression, and brings out more of your nurturing, feminine side. You can apply Radiant Energy Serum to your belly every night before bed, so that by your next period - cramps will be gone or they’ll be greatly reduced. It’s also super helpful for women trying to get pregnant or trying not to get pregnant, in terms of pinpointing peak ovulation/fertility days. Radiant Energy Collection
Yarrow radiant energy


Either you spend a lot of time on the computer, cell phone or on an airplane and could use a vitality boost, or you may be exposed to some other kind of radiation. It may also be that you are experiencing an accumulation of toxic, negative, or simply foreign energies in your energetic field. You might live in a urban environment or work in an office where there are lots of people in one space, leading to energetic saturation (you feel saturated with energies that are not your own). In either case, Yarrow revitalizes the body and restores the body’s own natural energy after cell phone and computer use and air travel. Yarrow also gives you a feeling of spaciousness, even when living in cities, working in saturated offices, or being around lots of people. It cleanses that over-saturated, over-stimulated feeling and helps you work more smoothly with others both at work and at home. If you travel a lot, this is a great antidote for the fatigue you experience during or after air travel. During international flights you can use it every couple of hours during the flight, adding it to beverages and bottles of water. Continue using it for at least a week after the international travel, to ease jet lag. Radiant Energy Collection
Jade succulent radiant energy

Jade Succulent

You’ve felt weak, vulnerable, fatigued or you have a compromised immune system. Or if that’s not the case, you may have experienced a touch of apathy or lack of clarity recently. Alternately, you may enter into a room and feel invisible or shy. You may feel a lack of energetic radiance and charisma. Jade Succulent gives you a boost of vitality which increases your radiance. It strengthens and expands your chi/aura so that when you walk into a room, people wonder, “Wow, who’s that?!” Jade Succulent helps you be more powerful in the world, both by expanding you energies outward as well as strengthening your presence. When taking this flower elixir, focus your positive intentions. Reflect about what you want to create in the world, because this flower will magnify your energy, and you may find that other people jump to help you accomplish your intentions. Radiant Energy Collection
Red clover radiant energy

Red Clover

If you were attracted to Red Clover, it could mean one of two things. Either you are extremely sensitive to others’ emotions, or you’ve lacked sensitivity to others’ emotions. In the first case, you may feel that your friends or family’s fears, insecurities, doubts or worries are contagious. You may watch the evening news and suddenly feel fearful or depressed. Or you are in a community that recently experienced trauma, chaos or natural disaster. On the other hand, if you lack sensitivity, it may be that when others demonstrate strong emotions, you feel apathetic or a lack of empathy. Red Clover enhances your ability to be empathetic and compassionate, without taking on others’ stress as your own. It helps you maintain a steady calm and fearlessness during times of stress, so that external chaos and imbalance doesn’t affect you. It gives you the ability to empathize with others’ emotions without being affected by them. Energy in general is contagious. When traumatic events occur, entire populations need Red Clover flower elixir. In our average daily lives, Red Clover helps us to not take on others’ confusion or worry, while simultaneously increasing our ability to put ourselves in others’ shoes. Radiant Energy Collection
So what do you think? Does it feel somewhat accurate?


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