November 20, 2015

clarendon rooftop

I met Diane a couple years ago at a boxing club. There weren’t any boxers – it was a launch event for SEEDSPOT, a social entrepreneurial incubator/accelerator in Phoenix. We hit it off immediately + have been friends ever since. We commiserate the challenges + celebrate the joys of the entrepreneurial lifestyle together and I totally believe in Diane. She’s one of the most beautiful inside + out women I know + she puts a lot of care and effort into her business. That’s why, when she approached me about designing a custom flower essence + aromatherapy blend for her upcoming green beauty lip glosses and blush, I was thrilled!

All of us at LOTUSWEI are so happy to be a part of this creative 3-way collaboration with Modern Minerals Makeup + Britanie Faith of Beauty by Britanie for this one-of-a-kind, vegan lip gloss + blush formula!

We designed a special blend of Pink Camellia flower essence and Pink Tourmaline Gem Essence and a light floral aromatherapy blend of lavender, chamomile, rose + neroli that was infused into these flower-powered natural beauty products!
Pink Camellia flower essence :: magnifies deeper levels love and appreciation and awakens energy around the face + heart.
Pink Tourmaline gem essence :: promotes self-love and inspires gentle compassion + understanding.
The lip gloss comes in 3 gorgeous shades: Coral Glow, Love of Attraction (clear with pink + lavender iridescent shimmer), and B of Love (shade inspired by the Pink Camellia flower). The Modern Minerals Blush is a luscious shade of shimmering pink and finishes with a radiant matte glow – enhancing all skin tones to look as if you are blushing from the inside out!

modern minerals makeup

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the lip glosses & blush!  If you know me, I hardly every wear makeup – but now I’m loving wearing the lip gloss & blush all the time – it makes me feel beautiful! I’m so proud of this collaboration and overjoyed that it was born out of a mutual friendship + creativity + collaboration together with Diane and Britanie. If you’re up for a treat, try them out and fall in love … I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

Love + flower petals,


* Photo 2 by Sarita Coren*

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