November 3, 2016


Flower elixirs are among the safest natural remedies to use during the many adventures of motherhood {dive into this hot topic here}. Mamas often ask us how they can incorporate the magic of flowers safely into their lives. Since there are so many applications, we decided to make a list of 50 different rituals for using flower essences throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum & beyond!


1. Rub Infinite Love Serum onto your belly to prevent stretch marks, keep your skin elastic & enhance love in the womb.

2. Rub Quiet Mind Serum onto your feet to help you and the baby sleep deeply at night.

3. Add Infinite Love Elixir to your water & drink throughout the day.

4. Apply Inner Peace Serum to your feet before bed if you’ve had a stressful day.

5. Mist Infinite Love in the room while you wait at your doctor’s visit.

6. Use Inspired Action to help you get creative about baby names.

7. Apply Inner Peace Serum to your hands as a moisturizer after washing hands as a simple luxury.

***Eating a piece of dark chocolate during the last trimester lowers the risk of pre-eclampsia by almost 70%! For more info, visit our sister company ~ Wei of Chocolate.


If you’re breastfeeding, your baby automatically receives the benefits.

8. Stay fearless, confident, and calm during birth with Inner Peace – mist yourself, add elixirs to beverages, or apply serum to the bottoms of the feet (and for best results, use Inner Peace regularly a month before due date and throughout labor).

9. If you want to sleep, even during contractions, use Quiet Mind.

10. Get a massage with Infinite Love Serum during your birthing process.

11. Pass around the Joy Juice Mist for your doctor, midwife, and loved ones who are waiting for the baby to be born.

12. Use Infinite Love Mist for the family before they see the baby to smooth and soften their energy.

13. Spray Infinite Love Mist around your birthing room, on your sheets, and gown.

14. Add Infinite Love or Inner Peace Elixir or Serum to your bath for water births.


If you’re nursing, your baby automatically receives the benefits. Elixirs are only babies older than 1 year because they contain honey. Mist and Serums are safe to use on babies under 1 year – just protect their eyes while misting. We tend to wait until the baby is 6 months to use the Serums on the baby’s feet.

15. Enjoy the Mist or Elixir of Joy Juice for postpartum blues.

16. Re-ignite romance with your partner with Infinite Love or Captivator.


17. Infinite Love flower essences make sure you make time to take care of yourself.

18. Add Infinite Love Serum to your bath for aromatherapy benefits and silky skin.

19. Add Elixirs to your New Mommy tea, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

20. Prepare a meal with your partner and add your choice of Flower Elixir.

21. Keep your Mist in the diaper bag as a daily staple.

22. Use Joy Juice Mist for babies that look to serious.


23. When your baby gets irritated, mist them with Infinite Love.

24. Use Inner Peace Mist for babies with colic.

25. Babies can hold onto the Elixir bottles, as long as they are not old enough to open it – they can feel the flower essences just by touching the bottle – and the dropper also resembles a nipple. 😉 Also, the glass bottles are heavy and rarely break if dropped.

26. Mist your partner with Infinite Love to enhance family bonding & intimacy.

27. Use Joy Juice to keep parenting fun (for both parents).

28. Mist Quiet Mind to help baby sleep.

29. Use Joy Juice to keep you from worrying unnecessarily.

30. Going back to work but don’t feel like it? Use Inspired Action.

31. Protect from radiation and fight fatigue while traveling with Radiant Energy.

32. Rub Quiet Mind onto your feet to help sleep deeply between nursing times.

33. Take a bath with your baby and add Infinite Love Serum to the bath water.

34. Soothe jealous siblings and increase receptivity to the new baby by using the Infinite Love Mist.


35. Add Infinite Love Elixir to your pet’s water dishes to increase their receptivity to the new baby.

36. Use Inspired Action Mist to motivate you when there’s a lot of chores to be done.

37. Use Inner Peace to help with teething.


After age 1.

38. Add Flower Elixirs to water, milk, or juice for your toddler.

39. Mist Quiet Mind to slow them down and get them ready for naps or bedtime.

40. Use Infinite Love Aura Mist to clean your toddler’s hand on the go (instead of antibacterial soap).

41. After television or computer use for watching movies, use Radiant Energy.

42. Use Inner Peace & Infinite Love on your baby’s bottom after changing a diaper.

43. Use Inspired Action Aura Mist to motivate your toddler to get out the door when you’re going somewhere.

44. Mist Radiant Energy in the car to help you run errands.

45. Use Inner Peace to help you stay calm no matter what.


46. If the word ‘hate ever enters your child’s vocabulary, use Infinite Love.

47. Quiet Mind helps you stay 100% present with your children.

48. Use Joy Juice to help you be more playful with your kids.

49. Infinite Love or Inner Peace works well for tantrums.

50. Treat your babysitter or relatives to any of the flower elixirs.

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