June 7, 2017

Every moon phase brings a new wave of moods + behaviors, all affecting us differently! Understanding + utilizing the energy of the moon phases will help stabilize and improve your mood, keeping you grounded during all of the crazy transitions.


The new moon a.k.a. ‘the dark moon’ is a time of new beginnings. This is the phase to tune into your own mind + inner desires. At this time the night sky is lit only by the stars, leaving the world around us dark + still. This is a time to be your own beacon + let your creativity shine. Dream freely. Tap into your intuition: listen to what your heart + the universe is telling you.

During this phase, make your new moon wishes! If you don’t already have a ritual, check out my way of sending my dreams into the stars here!


This is the phase where our thoughts + wishes are becoming reality. It’s a time that brings focus, determination + inspiration to our actions. Take advantage of your momentum, working towards your goals. Using the gratitude + magic you manifested during the new moon, push yourself to accomplish new tasks.

During this phase, continue to project your wishes out into the universe. Begin preparing for the full moon craziness by burning sage, palo santo or incense. Regularly recharge yourself + environment to ensure you’re radiating as much positivity as you can. If an opportunity arises, take it! Taking the leap will benefit you greatly, especially during the waxing phases.


Time to get freaky with the full moon! This phase is notorious for heightening emotion + unusual behavior. People have trouble sleeping, become accident prone + experience other erratic behavior. It’s actually where the term LUNAtic comes from ~ the wackiness of the full moon. The full moon also has a strong influence on feminine energies, everything from regulating your menstrual cycle to increasing birth rates!

The full moon is the best time to let go of everything holding you back. If you’re looking for a full moon ritual, check out this video on how I celebrate + use the magic of the moon.


The waning moon is a chance for you to tie up loose ends and prepare yourself for a new beginning. During this phase you will notice yourself being more dreamy + contemplative. Looking forward to your future is common. Since you’ve let go of what’s been holding you back during the full moon, now is the time is for allowing positive changes to occur + maintaining your dedication.  

Knowing these traits of the moon’s phases helps to take charge + harness the power of the moon’s energy, rather feeling like we’re being pulled along by unknown forces. Enjoy the processes of the next moon cycle!


Star wishes + flower petals,

AUTHOR: LOTUSWEI CATEGORIES: astrology, insights


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