April 27, 2015


This Friday is one of my favorite holidays!

Well, it was my favorite when I was a little girl – now I want to bring the tradition back!

On May Day I would pick flowers for my elderly next-door neighbor – some kind of daisies, dandelions or other precious little flowers from the yard – and put them in a basket. Then I would sneak over to her house on May Day, hang the basket on her front door, ring the door bell and RUN!

Running away before she answered the door gave me a little rush – and pure joy thinking that it was an unexpected surprise that brightened her day. There was so much love in that little basket of half-wilted flowers pulled out of the ground with tiny hands and giggles.

This is a joyous ritual I want to bring back. Let’s bring back May Day together!

It’s going to be FUN! Here’s what you can do …

Pick or buy flowers for someone this Friday, May 1st and deliver them anonymously! Leave them at their doorstop, ring the doorbell and run – as done in the traditional way.

Or think of new ways: leave a rose or single stem flower or bouquet on someone’s car windshield. Design a flower mandala on someone’s desk. Sprinkle rose petals petals on their car or their space.

flower mandala

Think of someone who needs love, care or a cheer up, or someone that you want to share your appreciation for. Leave flowers in an unexpected place and don’t tell them it was you.

What I love most about May Day:

*It’s anonymous – you’re not asking for anything in return or credit for a good deed done – it’s just for the sheer joy of it and knowing you’re making someone happy.

*It is genuinely surprising for the person on the receiving end, making the world feel like a magical and loving place.

Join us this May Day! Or pick ANY day and make it a random act of flowers.

Post up a snapshot of what you did (If it doesn’t ruin your secret) on instagram or Facebook with the hashtags: #maydayflowers #randomactofflowers

OR, go digital and dish out some flower power and post up some flower photos on your friends’ Facebook or Twitter feeds. We put a few images below – feel free to share. Daisies brings people joy and laughter; Hong Kong Orchid magnifies love.

hong kong orchid

flower mandala

sending you love

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This is wonderful!!! I’m in!



Alia, thank you! Can’t wait to see a photo! <3



My favorite flower is gardenas. Growing up, every Sunday my mom would cut a bunch from our garden put them in a bowl sneak into my room and place them on my nightstand so when i woke up there they were. Because of that I’m always giving flowers to others. It brightens someone’s day and I love the look on a person’s face when they receive flowers anonymously. It’s easy to do and can make a difference in someone’s life. It’s the smallest of gestures that make the greatest impact. Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful flowers. I can smell them already.



Wow, Amber, what a great story, and your mom was so sweet! Gardenias, wow. That’s incredible! What a beautiful memory that will stay with you forever. True, it’s a gesture that is very simple, yet profoundly impactful. Now you’ve given me even more desire to spread flowers around.


beth siemering

I remember your neignbors & their dog Lokie. She gave us a giant bouquet of Lilacs! I can still smell them!



Oh wow, Beth, what an incredible memory you have! Yes, I remember that sleek little black dog. Much Love to you.


Lisa Baker

Love this idea.
My daughter is a teacher and she told me on Friday they are still carrying out the Catholic tradition of students bringing and offering flowers to Mary.
They call it the May crowning.
I am so happy they are still doing this. My mother loved this ceremony and it reminds me of her and my childhood.



Wow, I’ve never heard of this tradition. Very cool!


Tara Kimes

I love this! I’m in too 🙂



Score! Love you, Tara!



Katie, May Day is one of my favorites, too, and I have made May baskets as a child and run from the house (if you were caught, the recipient could kiss you) and as an adult. When my friend Tanya had cancer, she always got a May basket on her doorstep. I am totally in on bringing it back. LIttle paper fluted baskets with flowers and candies.
I have had the blessing of being in France twice on May Day, and they sell bouquets of lily of the valley on all the streets to give to women and, I think, to Mary. It’s all quite charmed.
Here’s to a charmed May Day for us all.
xo Peace & Love, Kathy



Kathy, how lovely – I LOVE this! I have never heard the part about recipient kissing you if they catch you – whoa, that puts a whole new spin on things, haha! I love Lily of the Valley too.



Pure JOY! this is a SPLENDID IDEA! thank YOU so very much Katie, <3



Jeannette, thank you! Hope you have fun with it. ; )


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