October 11, 2017

Green. Fresh. Lush. Every shape + shade of green you can imagine, every color of wildflower and the multitude of grays + blues throughout the sky each day.

Ireland was about as far removed from the Arizona desert as you can be, and yet … And yet. There was an openness, an expansiveness through the rolling hills, harsh cliffs, undulating trees and crashing waves, that I’ve not encountered other than in the desert. An invitation to explore, to see, to go within and discover our own expansiveness, our own lush + expressive nature.

I found myself wandering off along small one lane roads, marveling at how every inch of Mother Earth was simply teeming with life. Sheep dotting the hills, lambs frolicking {yes, frolicking}, cows grazing, and a friendly donkey in every town. The most glorious wild roses I have ever seen, foxgloves 4 feet high, tiny birdsfoot lotuses peeking out, rhododendron FORESTS, and little flowers and green growing out of every single rock wall + structure you see.

And the music! In all my travels, I’ve never been anywhere in which music is such a part of the lifeblood of a community. At every pub there is music most nights, and the first question asked is “what do you play?” Not “do you play?”, but “what do you play?” It is simply assumed that everyone has at least a minor proficiency in some instrument.

We saw many a ‘ruiny-thing’, and as much I love history, I was much more interested in what was growing on the buildings, and the play of ancient architecture with the light + land surrounding.

As our friend A’Odgh said, “We were haunted by the weather.” In other words, it was beautifully warm and sunny nearly our entire 2 weeks there. I had thought surely I would be cold and wet the entire time {and packed accordingly…}, but I was astonished at not only how gorgeous the weather was, but how bright and colorful the entire landscape and sea was as the sun shone upon it. I was constantly awed as the sun sparked brighter + brighter colors hidden within the green, the clarity of the sea and eternity of the brilliant blue sky.

There are 2 distinct things I took with me from my time in Ireland ~ no wait, 3 …

How FULL I felt being in nature for 2 weeks. We walked and explored and walked a little more. There were certain places I could have spent DAYS exploring and laying on my back in the grass. The beautiful culture of walking ~ people walk to get from here to there, yes, but also just to be in nature. Not for the exercise, but simply to be. To be outside. To enjoy the lush life that is this Earth.

– How grateful I am for trees. They are amazing. Graceful, strong, unassuming but fully themselves. Giving life to so much, including US, simply by being.

How much we miss the little awe inspiring pieces of nature we pass by every day. While traveling you want to soak up every single moment and save it to reminisce and validate “yes, I was there!” But there is so much beauty in every moment in our every day experiences. Returning to Phoenix, I remember exclaiming at how brilliant the bougainvillea is ~ the color is so bright against the blue sky, it’s almost blinding! But I see it everyday, and have somehow become used to it, forgetting + ignoring the potent beauty that is before me each and every day.

Every day we have the same opportunity, the same moments of awe surrounding us, no matter how urban an environment we may inhabit. We can take a 5 minute walk through the neighborhood and revel in the colors, textures, shapes + how Mother Nature always finds a way to express herself. We can soak up the beauty inherent in every moment, just as when traveling, for each moment is precious + fleeting, and who knows if we will see it again tomorrow?

Sparkly smiles + flower petals,



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