A POEM FOR LOS ANGELES ~ *encompassing*

August 1, 2017

Los Angeles
for me
has always been
the city of angels
a place for meeting friends – new & old

from magical chance encounters
to lifelong friendships
circling back with kindness
time & time again
building something
brick by brick

there is an endurance here …
you can create something that lasts
if you keep coming back to it
there’s an easy-going-ness
brought in by the ocean breezes
a laid back atmosphere
to be tapped into whenever we desire
a beautiful juxtaposition
of Hollywood facade
enriched by the down-home,
down-to-earth, delicious reality
rich with authentic connections
and the grit of daily life ~
where the succulents explode
in both miniature and gigantic forms
reminding us
of the juiciness of life
and the electric purple morning glories
take over back alley fences
helping us all unravel addictive tendencies –
feeling as if there’s
something – anything – we need outside
of ourselves
when in fact
there is a garden of beauty
and treasures right here in our hearts
and the ocean shows us
the steadiness and stability
the evermore-coming-back-to
the tides follow the moon’s cues,
waves beating & caressing the shore
coming back to touch it
again & again …
and if we could just keep
coming back to ourselves
no matter what
like the ocean tides always come back to shore
no matter the chaos, the rage, the grief, the panic or crazy wildness
if we can just keep coming back
without judgment
like the ocean
never ceasing
if we can just keep coming back
to each other
with humor, gentleness and curiosity
keep holding each other
in a sweet embrace
allowing all that there is to be
to be
we can evolve
with greatness, grandiosity, velocity & ease
like the ocean
encompassing tidal waves
and ripples of purity
swallowing up all the madness
and transforming it
into wild abundance.
Love + flower petals,


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