September 27, 2017

{September 23 – October 22}

Libras are graceful, idealistic, hospitable + peaceful. They are the most socially involved of the zodiac signs. Equality + fairness are their core beliefs. They are similar to magnets in the way that they constantly attract those around them. People look to Libras for conversation, guidance, love; everything! Libras have a special talent of seeing from a variety of perspectives. They are totally capable of putting themselves in another person’s shoes + experiencing a new way of life! However, their controversial attitudes + behavior can sometimes tend to stir up unwanted arguments.

Here are a few gift ideas for your favorite Libra!

Day At Local Art Event!

Libras love being with other people + exploring the arts. Whether it be an art gallery, concert, local convention or movie, they will love having the opportunity to share an experience with someone they love. Figure out what they would enjoy most + watch them explode with happiness when they receive their unique gift!

Peace is Every Step

This book teaches us how to rediscover the peace that is lost in the business of the modern world. Libras are extremely social, which can cause their energy to become depleted rather quickly. In Peace is Every Step, Thich Naht Hanh teaches awareness of our bodies + minds through breathing + meditation. He shows us how to be aware of the beautiful world around us rather than getting lost in the drama + negative energies of other people.

Radiant Energy Mist

Since Libras are so social, Radiant Energy is the perfect way to keep their energy consistent. Being a people person all the time can be extremely draining. This flower combination allows them to be empathetic without taking on other people’s stress + enhances their already powerful presence. Let your Libra fill their element, air, with this mist for vitality!

Aventurine + Hematite

Aventurine promotes decisiveness, as well as the commitment necessary to carry out those decisions. Hematite curbs tendencies to constantly weigh different options. Instead, it will help ground Libras by keeping them in the present moment + staying focused on one thing at a time!

Star magic + flower petals,



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