July 22, 2017


{July 23 – August 22)

It’s time for the confident, ambitious, generous + loyal lion/lioness’! Leo’s are full of power + self-confidence. They like being the leader of the pack. They have a high demand for enjoyment + happiness, but will be quick to battle injustices that they don’t agree with. Leo’s don’t feed into mean or petty energies. Instead, they focus on their loved ones + aim all their power at protecting them. However, when it comes to growth + change, their fixed attitudes + arrangements can stand in the way. They tend to be slightly egotistical, which can affect their relationships more often than not.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are beautiful + have multiple benefits to keeping them in a home! First of all, they are hygroscopic, meaning the salt absorbs water molecules that carry dust + bacteria. They also help lower annoying allergies! Salt lamps look like a stone fireball; something that Leo’s will adore!

The Wisdom of No Escape and the Path of Loving Kindness

To love others, you must completely love yourself! While Leo’s are normally very confident, it is often perceived as having a big head! In order to get past that egotistical attitude, they must learn to love themselves + everyone around them unconditionally. Pema Chodron teaches us about the harsh realities of life + how to climb out of the light at the other end of the tunnel with courage!

Quiet Mind Elixir

Ruled by the sun, Leo’s have an intense fire burning inside of them. While this has its perks, it can often take control through some negative, over-powerful qualities. Quiet Mind dissolves the restless fire going on inside a Leo’s head. The elixir is perfect for taming the flames from the inside out. It calms restlessness, tension + creates more room for clarity/open mindedness!

Tiger’s Eye + Carnelian

Tiger’s Eye empowers Leo’s by helping them manifest + control all of their power. Carnelian changes the heart center. It has the ability to ignite passion, ambition + confidence. All of these qualities help Leo’s stray away from their fixed attitudes + move forward on new paths.

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