November 10, 2014


I’m so excited to announce that we’ve refined and revised one of our most fun formulas! Joy Juice – which is known to make people laugh more in as little as one day when used repeatedly – is now a little more joyful!

Our previous formula had an essential oil that would go a tad sour after a few months (not joyful), so we removed that ingredient and replaced it with one of my all-time favorites: Jasmine!

I love Jasmine so much – we have it planted outside the backdoor at the office. In the summertime, huge clouds of Jasmine aroma waft about surrounding us with the most exquisite real-time flower power.

Jasmine has so many attributes, from being aphrodisiac to calming to stress-relieving … I could go on and on. Although I typically think of Jasmine as the oil of choice for nighttime, because it’s so sensuous and sultry, Jasmine is one of the most powerful cheer-up oils.

Research shows the aromatherapeutic effects of Jasmine stimulates serotonin levels which improves mood. It’s also amazing for the skin and enhances quality of sleep.

Jasmine is one of the most coveted and expensive oils – as precious as Rose and Neroli – and costs up to $4500 per pound of oil. The cost is understandable, as Jasmine flowers are typically picked at night when the fragrance is strongest, and to make that same pound of oil, 3.6 million flowers are required!

handful of jasmine flowers

When I think about how much work is involved in growing the plants and tending to them, much less the incredibly complex distillation process, essential oils seem inexpensive. Our plant at the office on a full moon (when it releases the most blossoms at once) produces about sixty flowers in one day … 3.6 million flowers is something I have a hard time conceiving.

So we combined Jasmine with the existing joy-inducing oils of Marigold, Davana & Sweet Orange and viola! Joy Juice just got ten times better! It still has its juicy, fruity scent – but now with an exquisite hint of sensuous floral.

One of our favorite uses for the Joy Juice Mist is to pour a glass of sparkling water, sparkling blood orange or sparkling wine, and mist one big shot of Joy Juice inside the glass, resulting in an unforgettably luscious, aromatic drink. Excellent for parties and celebrations that call for something bubbly, this ritual will make YOU feel bubbly. Explore Joy Juice 2.0 here. 

Here’s to fields of joy and endless laughter,





Joan Flaherty

Hi Katie,
This is a BEAUTIFUL page! I enjoyed it very much.I already know that drugs and unnatural additives are not good for us.But thanks anyway.
My sleep ritual is a nice relaxing bath with (pure)bubbling bath gel, a chapter of an enjoyable book, some goat yogurt or kefir, and my before-bed vitamins, which include a melatonin lozenge popped under my tongue.
I’m writing to tell you The Body Shop started me on this part of my ritual.They made “Pillow Spray” In the 3 Indian chakra scents.I would spray my pillow before I got into bed.MMM! Heavenly.And, like Pavlov’s dog, smell the lovely scent and immediately FALL ASLEEP~:>)
(Next I learned, and now use only all-organic pillow spray, from various herbal companies.)
I was wondering if you make a spray, (or would consider making one.
Thank you again! Joan


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