April 12, 2017

We all love crystals. Everytime I add a new one to my collection, I’m extremely eager to find it’s place in my home + admire it in every way possible. There’s one seriously important step that I have to remind myself about ~ to cleanse the crystal!

Unless you dug up the crystal yourself, {which is actually more beneficial as it will carry the energy + power from the Earth with it!}, it must be cleansed. Crystals take in negative energy. If a bunch of people have been around + handled the one you chose, the crystal most likely took in all of that energy.

There are many different ways to go about cleansing. Below are a few of the most popular ways that I’ve experimented with ~ once you discover your favorite way, you’ll be excited to cleanse your crystals!

This is a method using sacred smokes to rid the crystal of negative energy. My personal preferences are sage, palo santo + sweetgrass. Light your smudge stick + gently wave your hand over the ember to let off smoke. Take your crystals, moving them through the smoke a few times. If you have larger crystals, you can wave the smudge stick over + around instead.

Water is the universal cleanser! Salt has amazing electrical charge properties, so ocean water is ideal! However, any water that is filtered or from a natural source will do. This process can be done a couple of ways ~ you can simply rinse your crystals or let them soak overnight. Certain kinds of crystals can deteriorate if they are left in water for too long, so be sure to do your research!

Moon/Sun Charge
This cleansing practice is done by placing the crystals in direct sun or moonlight (full moon). Collect the crystals you want to cleanse + place them in a safe area. They can be in a bowl or on the ground, whichever is easiest! If you want an extra charge, bury the crystals while they are under the light. This charges them with Earth as well as light energy!

Do you have other practices you love for cleansing crystals? Let us know in the comments!

Star magic + flower petals,




Other ways I cleanse crystals: placing them on selenite in the sunlight or moonlight (selenite is excellent for clearing and charging crystals) and using Reiki energy to cleanse and charge the crystals. I am certified in Reiki I and II, and I also have candles that have been infused with Reiki energy (I pass the stones through the candle smoke, similar to smudging).



I like to use the salt water method personally. I’m a Pisces and it seems to work for me. I clean all my crystals this way.



Hi Marinna, yes! That’s a great method! Salt is pure magic! <3


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