January 2, 2017

32Stop what you’re doing. Take out a pencil and paper.

Your inner child is calling out, wanting SO desperately to be set free.

Artist or not, setting aside time to draw is the PERFECT way to let your creativity and inner child run wildly.

Something as simple as a lotus is enough to spark that innovative fire inside of you. So, to help you burst out of your shell, here’s a simple lotus drawing that you can follow along with, step by step!

Start with two simple ovals, one on top of the other, forming a T shape. Simple, right?!img_0272The petal transformation is going to begin with the vertical oval! Create a point at the top of it with two curved lines, connecting to the oval’s outside.

Inside the bottom oval, draw two curved lines from the top to the sides of the oval, creating an effect of depth in the petal.

img_0273Aiming to be as symmetrical as possible, begin adding petals on each side of the center petal. Keep the lines slightly curved.


Add some smaller background petals, maintaining the symmetry. img_0275This is just here to tell you that you are doing awesome. Keep going. You rock.img_0276

Fix up some of the lines to make it more natural and add some dimension to the background petals!

If you don’t want to be done yet, add some color to your line drawing! Go CRAZY!


Make it your own; add a pond, a little frog, more lotuses, anything!

Feel like you might need a little assistance letting your inner child out to play? Flower elixirs to the rescue! Pink Spirea, found in Joy Juice, is excellent for nurturing our inner child.  Also good for tapping into our creative energy: Banana Yucca, Squash Blossom, and Inspired Action.

Happy drawing 🙂



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