April 29, 2015

My love for plants came directly from my mother. She has always had incredible gardens and taught me about botanicals when I was little. She’s got a green thumb and anytime she pinches a flower or plant, they love it! They just grow … and reach up toward her. She knows what they want and speaks their language in that quiet way.

I have a different way of working with plants than my mom, but she has always loved our flower essences. Have you shared flower essences with YOUR mom?

If you want to lavish some flower power on your precious mama, we have three Mother’s Day specials this week through Sunday, May 10th, using the code: ILOVEMOM

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My mother had peonies growing in her garden when I was little. Luscious Life Body Oil is infused with Peony flower essence for magnetism, abundance and prosperity. It has a sweet, but earthy scent from a blend of Mimosa flower, honey and oakmoss. Luscious Life Body Oil: $42 (save $18)


For moms who need a little pampering, the Wish-Fulfilling Decadent Body Scrubs are so good she’ll want to eat them. Infused with flower remedies & essential oils:

Life is Good – Luscious Espresso, Cacao, Vanilla with Banana Blossom for Euphoria

Make it Happen – Refreshing Cardamom & Sandalwood with Bamboo for Determination

Sky’s the Limit – Berries & Vanilla with Strawberry Blossom for Optimism
Wish-Fulfilling Scrub Set of 3: $63 (save $27)


Introduce your mom to flower power with a travel size of each mist, serum and perfume. She can explore the different scents & moods and see what she likes best, with the All-in-One Sampler Pack: $98 (save $42)

If you’ve used our flower essences before, you know that they affect state of mind, and when used regularly, can be life-changing and create a positive ripple effect. What better gift for your Mom, the one who brought you into this world with love and kindness?

Have a wonderful day with your Mom (or phone call if she’s far away), and don’t forget to tell her what you love about her.

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