April 2, 2017

The LOTUSWEI birthday love continues ~
this week we’re celebrating Kylee, our Creative Magician!

What We Love About Kylee:

I love Kylee’s ability to capture the random and beautiful and hilarious moments, whether on camera or simply when you think no else saw… born of her comfort with silence ~ the quiet of observation + absorption. She loves her sister fiercely, her family + her friends. She’s excited about life and willing to take risks, expanding her wisdom, knowledge, experience. Kylee’s not afraid to say no + she’s not afraid to say yes, which is a total freaking super power. <3

For those of you that don’t know, Kylee is my little sister … and best friend.
She brings out the 5 year old in me all.the.time … and puts up with me being really weird ~ like really weird.
She’s bold, brave + fearless. When she has a desire to do something, she does it. She sets her sails and doesn’t look back. She is strong-headed, disciplined and doesn’t put up with bs.
She is very in-tune with what works for her + what doesn’t and isn’t afraid to express those thoughts + feelings.
Kylee is a creator of beautiful things – she is always surprising me with her creative abilities and challenges me to be better too! Little secret: she helped create our new logo that we are SO excited to launch! ; )

• Drawing skills
• Writing abilities
• Punctuality
• A 5-star smile
• Secretly taking hilarious cell-phone videos of people in the office

Kylee is a talented artist… She’s wholesomely beautiful and devilishly quiet… sometimes…Most people would say that Kylee is quiet ~ well at first she was… after a little prodding she opened up! She has many dreams and ideas… she is frightened of the super natural, scary movies, and strangers walking alone behind her; yet, adventurous enough to take off on a solo journey to backpack through Scotland Iceland and New Zealand! I admire her… Kylee you are a gem of a human… I’m grateful to know you.

I love Kylee – she’s so dear. Even though she’s young, she doesn’t let herself get affected by external influences and she’s not caught up in drinking and drugs. She’s creative and adventurous and no bs – and not afraid to go her own way. I love her determination at following and forging her own path. I’ve loved watching her evolution from where I first met her until now – she is allowing herself to think wilder and freer and bigger. She’s a softie at heart and when she’s around her sister a feisty side of her comes out that’s really fun. I love her presence and her fearless silence.

Happy  Birthday, Kylee!!! We love you.



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