March 6, 2017

Giveaway Collection3

We’re doing a giveaway!

Enter to win this exquisite collection of flower goodies HERE. Win a Colette Malouf Bendable Mesh Crocus ($148), Flowerevolution: Blooming Into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers + a trio of flower elixirs for effortlessness, simplicity + wild creativity ($150).

US + Canada only. Submissions accepted through 3/15/2017.

Flower Close Up

Several years ago while giving a talk at Clodagh’s design studio in New York City, I met Colette Malouf ~ a gorgeous designer + entrepreneur. Colette designs exquisite, high-end hair fashion statements and over the years has become a dear friend. She speaks Lebanese, Portuguese, French + travels around the world for business. When I was in Tokyo, I saw her brand everywhere in the massive upscale shopping malls. If you visit her website, be forewarned – her designs are entrancing {see: fair-trade hand-woven mesh flowers}, and the how-to videos are strangely addictive. Who knew that something as simple as adorning your hair could make you feel so beautiful + lovely?

GSL Elixir with CM

The exquisite hair piece she is giving away is named after the genus of flowering plants in the iris family, the Crocus. This piece features a cup-shaped black flower silhouette with honey-hued Swarovski crystals nestled in its center. With 2 blossoms to play with, it gives you unlimited styling options ~ wind it around your bun, twist it into your braid – anything you can imagine. It’s so gorgeously versatile, you can even wear it around your wrist!

Giveaway Collection2

Good luck, I hope you win! ; )

Love + flower petals,




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