May 26, 2017

The modern world is built upon human competition. We compare ourselves to other’s appearance, success, abilities + talents + we thrive on being better than someone else, even when we try to make a conscious effort not to. In the end, this competition boils down to one thing ~ energy.

We, as well as every other living thing, carry an energy that completely affects our attitudes + behavior. When we have a lot of our energy, we are stronger, more positive + radiant. There are two distinct forces from which we can recharge our energy ~ the earth + other people. Only one of those options is ultimately healthy + beneficial.

Think about it this way: When you draw energy from another person, you’re taking it away from them, draining their energy. While you’re feeling powerful + full of life, its possible the people around you may feel tired, unhappy + depleted. There are many ways we end up taking energy from people: arguments, attracting negative attention, intimidation, etc.

Remember physics class? Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply transforms. It can be transferred + shared between all living things. Willingly giving energy has a completely different effect on your body than having it taken from you. It’s important to acknowledge your way of using + accumulating energy so that we can learn to build it from the right sources.

Getting energy from the Earth itself is very simple. It can be done through meditation, breathing deeper when you’re surrounded by nature, incorporating flower essences into your routine + even indulging in plant based foods. You can also rely on your relationship with the elements. Soak in a hot spring, sit with a tree, drink from a freshwater source, spend a full moon sitting by a bonfire, burn palo santo during your meditation, take a walk through the park barefoot, make a flower mandala, go cloud-gazing or make a wish-fulfilling-crystal-powered wind chime.

Every single one of these activities will reconnect you with Mother Nature, stabilizing your energy levels, leaving you radiant + full of life once again! How do you get energy from Mother Earth?

Star magic + flower petals,

AUTHOR: LOTUSWEI CATEGORIES: exquisite rituals, insights



So tru, So beautiful. Thank you for the wise words.
Much Love



Thank you, Arija! <3


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