September 15, 2016


Did you know that tomorrow is a full moon eclipse and it’s the harvest moon? Full moons in general are all about letting go, completion, + coming to fruition. And when there is an eclipse during a full moon, all intentions and actions are magnified exponentially.

This particular eclipse is housed in Pisces, highlighting intuition, deep feeling + compassion. However, since we are still in analytical, detail-oriented Virgo, there may be a feeling of being at odds. We can work with this energy by seeing the details without worrying about imperfection + observing without judgement.

There is also an aspect here that could reveal past wounds; be sure to take time to nurture yourself and your loved ones. The positive aspect is that there is energy to heal and move through these experiences.

Now is the time to let go of thought patterns, habits, relationships, even belongings, that no longer serve or support your journey. Be sure to have self compassion at this time (Pisces energy), and not let self-criticism hold you back (Virgo energy).


Rituals are a great way to honor + harness this energy, continuing your ripple effect of growth and goodness. You can use the power of flowers and this full moon as a transformative ritual:

1. Fill a clear glass bowl with filtered water + add fresh flowers (ideally wild , from a garden or organic). Place outside where it will lie under the full moonlight.

2. The following day, pour the water over your body, imagining that anything that’s no longer useful is washed away. What’s left is you at your most radiant and vibrant, with an abundance of energy to put toward wherever you choose next.  Alternatively, you can add this water to a bath or drink it (if the flower is not poisonous!), if outdoor naked bathing isn’t really your thing (or wear a bathing suit). 😉

Flowers that are particularly in tune with this moon’s energy are: Spotted Bee Balm, Rose, Hong Kong Orchid for magnifying your compassion and ability to be kind to yourself. Gardenia helps us transform our perceived weaknesses into strengths.

You can also put whichever flower speaks to you the most at this moment! For me, it’s Night-blooming Jasmine – for you it may be Hollyhock or Chrysanthemum.

How will you celebrate this awesome lunar energy? Tag us on Instagram @lotuswei!

Love + flower petals,


P.S. Get into the Lunar mood with this playlist we made for you on Spotify!

*And special thanks to Andi of Astroyoga/Mystic Sandwich
for the inspiration with this astrological event!*



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