September 26, 2014

flower blossoms I’ve been taking flower remedies for the last fifteen years, and doing a daily meditation practice for almost that long.

Every now + then I stop taking flower essences. I’m busy, or traveling or whatever the case might be and I stop taking them for a while. I’m always amazed when I start taking them again at how effective they are.

For the first ten years of LOTUSWEI we didn’t even have products – I provided one-on-one consultations for clients.

I met monthly with everyone + most clients completed a minimum of six months of flower essence sessions. Some clients stayed with me for over ten years.

My clients typically came in for one of two reasons:

1.  Something or some situation was really stressing them out (grief, jealousy, addiction, anxiety, anger, heartbreak, etc.). They wanted relief, insights + understanding.


2. Everything in their life was great, and they wanted more. They wanted to magnetize bigger + better opportunities. They knew that they hadn’t reached their full potential yet + wanted to speed up the process.

And sometimes a little of both was happening at the same time.


Along with providing flower essences for my clients, I loved teaching mind-training techniques. because in our culture, we never get trained on how to deal with intense emotions.

We don’t learn it in school + typically we don’t learn it from our parents either.

For example, how do you react when you realize you didn’t get hired for the job. Or you find your lover cheating on you. Or you fall in love with someone you can’t have. Or you can’t sleep at night + it makes you irritable during the day. You’re fighting with a family member. You feel like your boss is condescending.

You name it. We all have inner struggles in life – that’s how we learn.

What is rarely taught though, are the methods to dissolve or transform the emotions that we experience, so that we can use that energy constructively.

Or how about when you’re about to get your big break?

You just got handed a huge opportunity, a challenging new position, the speaking gig that makes your knees wobbly, the romantic partner that seems too good to be true, the incredible book deal, the ultimate business investment.


In each of the different kinds of scenarios, whether it’s painful or exciting, minimizing self-limiting patterns is crucial to excelling beyond our wildest dreams – so that we don’t subconsciously self-sabotage what we’ve worked so hard to create.

During 20,000+ hours of consulting with past clients, I also noticed early on that most issues all stem back to a handful of core self-limiting patterns.

It doesn’t really matter if we peel the layers off of an intense, painful situation, or in a supremely good situation – the core is the same.

Each of us have our favorite flavor of self-limiting subconscious belief, + most people’s patterns all stem back to the same six root causes.

Somewhere running in the background for each of us are some of those messages. Genetics, upbringing + collective consciousness all play into the picture. More about that later.


The key is to first identify which subconscious beliefs are running the background + uproot them, so they don’t sabotage you – without you evening know it.

The beauty of unraveling these patterns is that it allows us to take charge of these patterns instead of have them unknowingly take charge of us.

Then we can experience more courage, effortlessness, ease, determination + synchronicity … and magnify our strengths, inspire new insights + accelerate success in whatever we aim to do.

Now you might be thinking that it all sounds a little airy fairy – what are the actual tangible results?

Over time, the process of using flower remedies shows us areas of our lives that we want to change. It may not be apparent to us in the beginning, but arises later from the new kind of clarity you experience.

For example, my car mechanic was inspired to take flower remedies because he was feeling a bit down. After a month he decided that he wanted to quit smoking. This wasn’t a part of the original plan – it just occurred to him.

So every time he had the urge to smoke, he used a flower essence mist to calm down + breathe + get him through the moment. Within one month he had no cravings to smoke + had quit completely – and felt healthier for it.

And – his wife said that she had never seen him happier. And – he no longer needed cigarettes to de-stress.

A similar example is of the clients who were taking anti-depressants + anti-anxiety medications when they first came to see me.

After about one month of taking flower essences, they would feel better + decide that they didn’t want to be on medications anymore (with zero prompting from me! I never interfered in that way, I just made sure they worked with their doctors to dose down safely).

On their original intake forms, there was a section where they would fill out a section that said: If life were perfect/ideal within six months, what does it look like?

For those clients who were taking medications for stress – they typically never put down ‘stop taking antidepressants’ as a goal. In most cases, they didn’t believe that it was even an option.

That’s where the self-limiting beliefs were playing their part. They may not have even believed that they could experience happiness, peace + strength naturally. But over time, as they felt stronger + clearer, they developed bigger + bigger goals.

One of the best things about flower remedies is that they quiet down self-limiting thoughts + magnify inner strengths. For each person the results of this look different.


I remember asking one client during his first appointment why he had come. I was asking him about any discomforts in life. He smiled + said that life was amazing – he just wanted more. He believed that he had not reached his full potential + simply wanted ‘more’.

He was an entrepreneur in real estate + had just landed new business in Costa Rica. He was seeking investment for a huge new project that would catapult his business to a whole new level.

I noticed during that first appointment that he was super attached to his cell phone – during our session he answered a phone call!

I was surprised that he would be wiling to lose out on valuable time together to answer a phone call. To me that kind of attachment translated to ‘fear of loss’, which certainly couldn’t be helping him in his business.

When he left that day, I told him, “Next time you come for an appointment with me, leave your cell phone in the car.”

One month later, he left his cell phone in the car. He continued coming for flower essences and we both forgot about the cell phone moment.

A few months later, he came in wearing a big smile, along with his Panama hat. He had just come back from Costa Rica. He had completely turned his phone off while he was in Costa Rica + when he landed in the U.S. he checked his messages. Among his messages was one from an investor that wanted to invest in his entire real estate development.

He swore that the flower essences had made him feel so peaceful + magnetic, that everyone wanted to be a part of his project. He was no longer attached to his phone because he no longer experienced fear of loss. He felt so confident + radiant that everyone trusted him + was attracted to working with him.

Imagine how your life could be if your subconscious self-limiting patterns stopped affecting you altogether – no therapy needed, just the power of pure flower essences.


Or worse, imagine if those same patterns got stronger + took over.

One of my Tibetan teachers used to say that life is like a snake in a bamboo pole – we’re either going up or down – there’s no neutral ground. There’s no ‘well, I’ll just hang out here for a while + be static.”

My wish is to encourage all of us to be more proactive about going ‘up’ – about making an effort to evolve.

Now you might wonder – what does that involve? Lots of time, therapy + delving into the past?

Nope! It requires very little time to see a difference in how you feel, and as I said before – no therapy needed. There’s no need to think or talk about the past.

It doesn’t involve heavy drama or hours of talking or thinking about problems (which wouldn’t really get us anywhere anyway) or feeling like a victim.

It’s about simple methods to being more aware of our state of mind, + ways to realize when self-limiting patterns are at play.

There are some really easy ways to do that –

In the next post, I’ll go deeper into the reasons for self-limiting patterns + how to transcend them to experience more confidence + ease.

If you have any comments or questions, please share them here.

Love + flower petals,

p.s. – I recently released a detailed report all about the benefits of Flower Elixirs!
If you haven’t gotten your copy yet you can get one HERE – The 3 Phases of Transformation through using Flower Elixirs

3 Phases of Transformation using Flower Elixirs



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