Magnifies: Strength; calm, happy belly; grounding
Dissolves: Tension between neck and shoulders and within belly

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African Daisy

Magnifies: Joyful humility; recognition of what your special talents are; clarification of life’s path; silliness, play, not taking life so seriously

Dissolves: Pride, old sadness, too much seriousness

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African Sumac

Magnifies: Assuredness; falling in love with life; decisiveness when choosing between two different paths in life; choosing a direction to go in and sticking to it; strength, perseverance

Dissolves: Feeling torn, torn between two paths, undecided; indecision; unsure, at a crossroads

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African Wattle

Magnifies: Clarity of mind; fresh perspectives; speaking your mind/truth

Dissolves: Dull mind, tentativeness

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Aloe Vera

Magnifies: Gratitude, physical relaxation, being happy with the way things are, feeling cool, calm, centered, and alert 

Dissolves: Anger, irritation, tension, tight jaw muscles, gritting teeth, wanting things to be a different way, feeling out of control, jumpy, sensitive to loud noises

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Magnifies: Awareness within the body; vitality and sensuality

Dissolves: Heaviness, dullness; distraction

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Magnifies cheerfulness, lush abundance, open-heartedness, welcoming feeling, generosity, wildness, jumping in-diving in, ‘reckless abandonment’; full enjoyment; bigness-bigger voice, bigger presence; unafraid to strip down and be naked with yourself and others; feeling awake, aware, and free

Dissolves Resentment, sense of lack or ‘I can’t get what I want’; closed heart; desire to shut others out or feeling like they will take something away from you; tentativeness, stiffness, false pretenses; fear of retribution, or having the other shoe drop; fear that things will not work out; hesitancy or holding back.

Miscellaneous: helpful for public speaking, singing, or vocal arts

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Arizona Datura (Wrightii)

Magnifies: Power, will power, creativity, creative solutions, encourages deeper breathing and releasing tension through the breath, euphoria, clarity, calm, putting a different spin or take on things, a more hopeful perspective, alert and attentive; shines light into dark places/light at the end of the tunnel

Dissolves: Overwhelm, aggression, addictive qualities, indecision, dizziness, worry, tension, fear of aggression, headaches, desire to run or problems related to breathing; mental fogginess; imbalanced desire to be alone.  Also dissolves sadness, stress, panic, and frustration due to drug addiction.

Physical: Cleansing and detox, gets rid of mucus or toxins in the body; enhances subtle lifeforce/chi

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Magnifies: Unfaltering strength, persistence, tenacity, being unstoppable, flexibility, gracefulness, making the impossible possible, ability to accomplish something against all odds; feeling that “I can do it”; looking straight ahead and seeing what needs to be done; enhances focus, clarity, awareness of ones path & everyday actions & how they relate to the path and the greater goals; Growth. Movement. Change. Evolution; awakens a deeper sense of gratitude and loyalty to Earth, desire to benefit the Earth; deepens understanding of one’s actions as a part of the bigger picture; strengthen’s sense of ‘spiritual pride’, and the feeling that “I can do it”. Bamboo is not about motivation, but about power, strength, follow through, determination, landing the deal, and unwaveringly doing what you need to in order to accomplish your aims. 

Physical: strengthens bones, ligaments, tendons, and re-builds tissues; excellent for circulation (removes stagnancy), growth spurts (among babies or metaphorically), athletes, and anyone needing energy, stamina, and power.

Dissolves: Feeling that “I can’t do it”; looking at others’ accomplishments and feeling small (like you are looking up to people instead of looking straight ahead at what you need to do); impotence (both emotionally and physically); dissolves fears and non-constructive enmeshment with others; and is otherwise indicated when there is lack of follow-through, stamina or determination.

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Banana Tree Flower

Magnifes: magical spaciousness; expansive mind; bringing projects to fruition; softness; slowing down; resting; feeling nurtured; caring; stillness; peace; unraveling; frankness; honesty; fearlessness around the past, present, and future; trusting oneself and others; fresh, solid mind; being who you really are; being unafraid to be who you really are; being thorough, wild, lucious.

Dissolves: hurrying; rushing; being irrational; worry about not having enough time; anxiety

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Banana Yucca

Magnifies: Conviction, perseverance, and support along the path; brings out what’s hidden and secret to the surface; awakens hidden talents and unearths hidden power; inner understanding; unexpected great leaps and bounds in progress; strength in purpose; working with women to accomplish great things; making the impossible possible; making things happen; surprising even yourself with what you can accomplish

Dissolves: Shyness about purpose in life, insecurity around your capabilities

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Bee Balm

Magnifies: Soothing calm during times of transition, trauma, and heartache; one-pointed focus; light-heartedness, hope, compassion

Dissolves: Distraction, tension, anguish, despair, sadness

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Bird of Paradise

Magnifies: Quietness of mind; moving from the head into the heart; feeling connected to others

Dissolves: Over-analyzing and thinking too much; ‘monkey mind’

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Birdsfoot Lotus

Magnifies: Happiness and contentment; a sense of a ‘happy belly’; cheerfulness, feeling lighter and brighter with more ease in life and more laughter

Dissolves: Worry, anxiety

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Black Tourmaline gemstone

Magnifies: Protection; cleansing; purification of environment and space
Dissolves: Other energies that are not your own; energetic saturation

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Blue Prickly Pear

Magnifies: Flourishing when you have ‘nothing’; abundance and growth; finding the balance between gentle and fierce; unwavering strength with tenderness and awareness; awareness of silent supporters and protectors; gentle speech awakens something positive in other people

Dissolves: Harsh speech; the extremes of being taken advantage of or being too fierce with people; attachment or enmeshment

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Blue Pimpernel

Magnifies self sustenance, nourishment, strength, confidence, dignity, holding your head high, having a voice, being strong, making your mark, expansive thinking, leaving behind a legacy; allowing others in to help you accomplish your vision; enhances connection to homeland (earth or where your sense of ‘home’ is); helps you relax into action

Dissolves fears, wasting time or perception of wasting time, anxiety about not being enough, abandonment fears, wanting to be something other than what you are – as if you alone are not good enough.

Addtional: for troubled or sad children; during the time of death transition or during hospice, etc.–brings in calm fearlessness

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Bok Choy Flower

Magnifies: quiet concentration; focus; perceiving the unseen; uping psychic abilities; sense of rebirth; enhancement of posture and sitting up straight.

Dissolves: confusion; dullness.

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Bonsai Plum

Magnifies: Gentleness and tenderness toward yourself with strength toward external world; feeling secure in love relationships, motherly love, protective love; protection

Dissolves: Fear of being attacked; fear of being blamed; feeling heavy and unlucky

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Bottle Tree Flower

Magnifies: Energy, vitality, clarity of thinking; being gentle with yourself

Dissolves: Old emotions, past habits and patterns; toxins from pollutions

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Camellia, Japanese

Magnifies: Coming from a deeper place in the heart; deeper levels of love and compassion; awakens and lifts energy around the face and heart; deep appreciation of everything around you

Dissolves: Worry, callousness, being unaware

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Camellia, Speckled

Magnifies: Deeper breathing patterns; opening energy in the spine for better posture; vitality, energy, clarity of mind, and cheerfulness

Dissolves: Desire to slump or slouch, fatigue, drowsiness, mental fogginess

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Chandelier Succulent

Magnifies: Unwavering determination and momentum; sense of foundation; energy to move through blocks; knowing you have what it takes. 

Dissolves: Lack of follow through, starting projects but not finishing them; getting stuck

Misc: Also for teamwork within groups; deeper awareness and connection with animals and children

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Magnifies: Sense of connection to the profound nature of things; finding deeper meaning; discovering wisdom within yourself; recognizing your inner stillness and knowing; healer of all healers

Dissolves: old beliefs and sadness, loneliness

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Chocolate Flower

(berlandiera lyrata, not cacao)

Magnifies: Cheerfulness, light-heartedness, easy-going nature; simplicity; ease of doing things, fun, laughter, energy

Dissolves: Complication, feeling like things are complicated, intertwined, muddled, or messy; tendency to complicated things

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Chuparosa, Yellow

Magnifies: Trust in timing and your ability to take advantage of timing; awakens strength and the ability to ‘make something out of nothing’; fearless communication; open heart; relaxed body

Dissolves: Sadness stuck in the throat, hopelessness, holding back speech out of fear of losing something

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Compass Barrel Cactus

Magnifies: Kindness to others and recognition of others’ kindness toward you; taking care of each other; finding gentleness within ferociousness; bring out ones’ ‘soft spot’ and kindness toward others; bringing kindness to areas where there is none; motherly love; bringing softness to all forms of love; opens up the back of the neck and encourages deeper breaths

Dissolves: Stubbornness, wanting to be ‘right’, lack of caring toward others

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Crown Vetch

Magnifies: Tenderness, affection, and softness of the heart, especially in regards to oneself; gentle acceptance and surrendering during life’s growing pains and challenges; inner wisdom and devotion; feeling grounded and calm; sense of being provided for from mother earth, as well as bringing out a sense of mothering toward oneself and children.  

Dissolves: Being hard on yourself; disgust; poverty mentality or feeling lack of any kind

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Magnifies: Awareness of the body; joyful persistence; freedom of mind

Dissolves: Tension in the neck and shoulders; mental tension and emotional causes of physical tension

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Date Flower (Male)

Magnifies euphoria, totally letting go, feeling easy going, strength, sense of timelessness and freedom, while maintaining acuity, sharpness and sense of responsibility, mental sharpness; enhances childlike innocence, purity, pure perspective, gratitude and wonder; sense of coming down to earth; finding a balance and middle ground between linear thinking vs. non-linear thinking; flexibility as in not being too married to or rigid to one way of being/doing; re-thinking, re-working the way you’ve done things before – finding new approaches; expanding your paradigm, thinking way outside the box; awareness of your own needs vs. merging with others; enhances your desire to really connect with people, but also have a healthy understanding of your own needs; end result is peacefulness, down to earth, grateful feeling. In general helps you find a middle ground between extremes, for example, not eating because you are feeling so euphoric vs. over-eating and over-indulging. 

Dissolves extremes of: 

a. Tension due to being overly responsible, worrying too much what others think. Constricted, hard to breathe, tension, holding back, suppressing or swallowing pain. Holding Back. Holding on too tight.


b. Carelessness, lack of awareness, lack of responsibility; totally letting everything go in terms of rules, discipline, boundaries, sense of individuality; merging with others or one person to the point of non-productivity; desire to live in fantasy world, enmeshment with others, ignoring your own needs, losing yourself, lack of structure.

Middle ground is: Clarity, freedom, responsibility but care for oneself, letting go yet being aware and maintaining sense of self, duty, purpose, individuality, and responsibility.

For example:  
Unbalanced extreme – Overly responsible & uptight
Balanced Middle Ground – Carefree, freedom
Unbalanced Extreme – Carelessness & irresponsibility 

Miscellaneous: May be indicated in raw foodist lifestyle, drug addiction, especially regular marijuana smoking habits or anyone who feels that they are reaching some higher state of being through drugs or even spiritual practices; brings us back down to earth. Also may be indicated for scientists, Western medical doctors, or anyone who has rigid beliefs about how things should be done and is unwilling to take into consideration other viewpoints. Excellent for helping us all find a middle ground. 


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Datura, Brugmansia

Magnifies: Calm, centeredness, balance, organization; transforming seriousness  into creativity, beauty, expression, and expanding from the inside-out; protection; assimilation of change and growth; recognition of strength and power in standing alone; using challenges in life to awaken more elegance and beauty; surrendering; getting your buttons pushed and transforming it into strength and power

Dissolves: Excessive seriousness, refusal to take breaks, allowing life’s challenges to harden your heart; letting things get to you and affect you too much 

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Desert Marigold

Magnifies: Meaningful communication, cheerfulness, ability to sit down and take it easy–take a break; soft disposition; ability to digest life; gentleness, clarity, and awareness 

Dissolves: Worry, jittery stomach, difficulty digesting life, overwhelm, sense of confusion

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Desert Milkweed

Magnifies: Confidence, comfort, and peace with being out in the open and watched by others; having a sense that the world is benevolent and understanding, a friendly place; 

Dissolves: Fear of getting in trouble while trying to do good, worry about what others think, feeling persecuted, having a sense that others are out to get you, blame you, or that they’re unforgiving

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Magnifies: Inner strength, vitality, unwavering confidence; immune system
Dissolves: Weakness, fatigue, lack of vitality; sense of crumbling; low immune system

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Magnifies: Sense that who you are is enough, that ‘being’ is better than doing; simplicity; understanding that being at ease and peaceful is valuable

Dissolves: Doing too much, taking on too much, ‘going, going, going’, fear of letting go

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Emerald gemstone

Magnifies: Inner calm, peaceful heart, easy-going nature
Dissolves: Foreign energies; emotional saturation

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Epidendrum Orchid, Magenta

Magnifies: Going right to the heart of the matter; peaceful forgiveness; feeling that love is all around
Dissolves: Avoidance, worry, anxiety

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Epidendrum Orchid, Fire Star

Magnifies: Fearless creativity, stimulating creativity, energizing, gentle joy, allowing yourself to see beyond what you’ve seen thus far

Dissolves: Afraid of what others will say about your ideas; hard on yourself

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Magnifies:  Intuition; trusting yourself and your decisions; decisiveness; following your own path

Dissolves: Doubting yourself; indecision; lack of trust in yourself

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Magnifies: Clarity, ‘knowingness’, centeredness, expressing what needs to be said, joy

Dissolves: Fear, doubts, insecurities, holding back, anger

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Magnifies: Love for yourself and others; forgiveness; purity of the heart; strength in situations when feeling attacked; recovery after emotional pain; giving the sense that love is all around

Dissolves: Feeling attacked, drained, or uprooted

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Magnifies: Intuition; clear perception; perceiving beyond the five senses; awareness
Dissolves: Lack of awareness, perceiving things unclearly, lack of clarity about things around you

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Magnifies: Seeing your ‘shadow’ side in a different light; seeing beauty in and embracing all aspects of yourself; transforming perceived weaknesses into strengths

Dissolves: Fears around what you perceive as your negative qualities or ‘shadow’ side; avoidance of looking at all aspects of you, even perceived weaknesses; fears of getting caught up in things you don’t want to see

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Globe Mallow

Magnifies: Youthful innocence and vitality; a sense of your own beauty; softening the heart and character; a youthful glow to the skin; sitting up taller with more confidence and deeper breaths; and experiencing the fruits of staying in one place or environment

Dissolves: Anxiety, unrest, desire to run, and dizziness; shallow breathing; jaw tension

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Magnifies simplicity, tempering anything in excess – alcohol, thoughts dreaming, over indulgence of anything; hitting the mark; sense of being totally at peace in the heart and belly; patience, ability to wait for right timing; sense of being enough, doing enough; sense of completion; joy and clarity of simplicity and being/doing enough

Dissolves confusion, self-criticism, going the extra mile in vain, over-doing it, zealousness or overly eager; worry about others or about not doing things correctly

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Grape Flower

Magnifies: independence; sense of freedom from dependence; abundance; absence of sense of ; flourishing; inner growth and thriving- even if it\’s tough; sense that anything is possible; moving through life freely without excessive clinging to things/people; realization of your true power based on your gifts and potential instead of grasping on to situations/something else. 

Dissolves:  sense of lack; grasping/clinging; entanglement; attachment; demanding; wanting things to be a certain way; desire to control outcomes; unhappiness created by attachment; feeling like your sense of self or identity depends on something or someone else; shock; disgust.

May be indicated for obsessive compulsive tendencies,

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Great Northern Aster

Magnifies: Clarity, perceptiveness, seeing beyond the five senses; deeper appreciation of the beauty around you; protection

Dissolves: Excessive thoughts; getting too entangled in external situations

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Green Tea Flower

Magnifies: Peacefulness, energy, vitality; expands your energy outward to others to create your intentions

Dissolves: Hiding your potential, nervousness, agitation

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Hawkweed, Orange

Magnifies: Clarity of mind, brings you down to earth, clarity about choices you make, self-sufficiency and the sense that everything can be accomplished; energy from the stomach and the lower area of the body up through the spinal column to the head, straightening the spine and enhancing ability to breathe deeply.

Dissolves: Mental fogginess and/or fantasies or daydreaming; in relationships, this flower allows one to cut through neediness or any non-constructive wanting or desire, giving way for true unconditional love for oneself and others.  

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Hibiscus, Red

Magnifies: Hope, sense of a new start, relief, happiness

Dissolves: Stress, trouble, being challenged for a long period of time

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Magnifies: Kindness, love without fear, compassion, soft heart, caring for others, love and compassion for yourself; service; magic, abundance, prosperity; making things happen

Dissolves: Worry, fears related to love, irritation, fear of betrayal, helplessness, hopelessness, a sense that “there’s nothing I can do about it”; skin irritations due to irritability 

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Magnifies: Unwavering determination and momentum; foundation; energy to move forward; spinal column strength; radiance in the face

Dissolves: Stagnant energy; feeling stuck; feeling like you can’t go on or that you don’t have what it takes

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Hong Kong Orchid

Magnifies: Full expression of who you are; feeling comfortable with who you are; self-love and appreciation, which enhances your ability to love others

Dissolves: Fear of being heard and seen as you truly are; fear of being ‘exposed’ to the world

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Iris, White

Magnifies:  Innocence, purity, clarity of intentions; receiving unexpected blessings; awakening wisdom

Dissolves: Feeling unlucky; feeling ‘dirty’ or impure; tension from thinking too much 

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Ithuriel’s Spear

Magnifies trust, comfort, trust in oneself, self-sufficiency, a heart full of love for others instead of looking for love, reaching out toward others, giving to others, sense of autonomy, purpose, focus, settledness, not searching for anything outside

Dissolves abandonment fears, worry about being left behind or ‘missing the boat’, sense of loss in relationships/death, sadness about being left behind, pushing away loved ones and then feeling abandoned

Physical: sore throat, coughing, choking, mucus, acid reflux

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Jade gemstone

Magnifies: Joy, confidence, strength, camaraderie, positive relationships with family and friends, luck
Dissolves: Insecurity, weakness, loneliness, feeling unlucky

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Jade Succulent

Magnifies: Being more powerful in the world, expansion of your energies externally; focused intentions leading to creation of positivity; expanding your chi, and strengthening your presence … so when you walk into a room, it’s like ‘wow, who’s that?!’ 

 Dissolves: Fatigue, weakness; lack of clarity; apathy

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Magnifies: Appreciation of your own beauty; self-acceptance, caring for yourself; depth of character; self-love; balancing energy in breasts, chest, and heart; friendship and support from others 

Dissolves: Loneliness; getting caught up in appearance; feeling not good enough; desire to change your features; shallow thinking; self-hatred; weight gain due to loneliness  

If New Moon Jasmine is indicated in your elixir, it also has the ability to dissolve jealousy and insecurity, enhancing self-confidence and content.  

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Kyanite gemstone

Magnifies: Stillness of mind; awareness of mental movement
Dissolves: Mental busy-ness, monkey mind; racing from one thing to the next

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Lemon Blossom

Magnifies:  Fresh, pure, childlike perspective; playfulness; new awareness of things, new look at old situations; positive parenting qualities; fertility

Dissolves: Sourness, disdain, regret, boredom

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Magnifies: Spiritual insight and understanding; energy, yet is calming; enhances all other flower essences and combinations

Dissolves: Stagnant or stuck energy, weakness, apathy

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Lupine, Arctic

Magnifies: Calm, comfort, peacefulness; expanding the heart; sense of safety, protection, and family; grace, beauty, and effortlessness; strength to move through any of life’s challenges

Dissolves: Worry, anxiety within the heart; overwhelm; heavy heart; feeling stretched too thin

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Lupine, Desert

Magnifies: Elegance, peacefulness, ease and strength within any situation, even in adverse environments; creativity; fearlessness of expression; flexibility

Dissolves: Feeling immobile or frozen with fear or panic; feeling twinges in the heart or heartache

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Magnifies joy, comfort, sense of freedom, creative energy, beauty, loosening, letting go, content, peacefulness tha comes from accepting things as they are, letting be, and letting go of fears, feeling settled and grounded; generosity and kindness; desire to spread joy & happiness; enhances appreciation of beauty & creativity  

Dissolves sadness, hurry, rush, discontent, constriction, tightness, wanting to control to tightly, physical tension due to holding on too tightly, attachment to people or possessions; dissolves any anger, anguish, or sadness as a result of attachment, possessiveness, clinging.

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Mariposa Lily

Magnifies enhanced sensory perception: enhanced sense of smell, hearing, awareness of your relationship to other things around you; experience of inseparability with others, open heart, breakthroughs, fearlessness, feeling that everyone around you has benevolent intentions, or at least a healthy detachment from others’ thoughts or feelings

Dissolves irrational fears, like fear of being exposed or having your weaknesses seen, sense that you are inept, incapable, or lacking particular skills that are necessary; feeling blocked or dull, or experiencing a lack of desire to be around people; fear that arises out of the dualistic perception of separateness; panic, disgust, feeling jumpy, skittish, or desire to run away, 

Also may be indicated: Vomiting, nausea, upset stomach, if you find it hard to breathe, or to support hormone balance

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Mexican Primrose

Magnifies: Sense of being called to action, being “in tune” and in harmony; fearless about new ideas, birthing new ideas and projects; moving from one stage to another, preparation for the next step. 

Dissolves: Fears, reluctance, hesitancy, holding back; anything that is not harmonious in your life.

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Mountain Laurel

Magnifies: Letting it all hang out, being totally comfortable with yourself; feeling embraced and supported by life; recognition of your greatness in the world; sense of letting go, feeling free

Dissolves: Insecurity, tension, worry, fear; playing small; weight gain due to ‘holding it all in’ or holding on too tightly or clutching

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Magnifies: joy; contenment; experiencing joy and expressing it outwardly to those around you; singing; being in the right place at the right time.

Dissolves: sorrow; feeling plain/ordinary; seeking attention; talking to get attention; doubts; feeling like you should be somewhere else; unwanted.

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Navel Orange Blossom

Magnifies:  Sensuality, playfulness, appreciation, feeling inspired by life; warm heart, feeling alive; balancing the reproductive system

Dissolves: Feeling cold, whether emotionally or physically, as in cold hands and feet; cold heart, unresponsive to others; feeling numb or frozen emotionally; may be indicated when there is past sexual abuse

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Night-blooming Cereus

Night-blooming Cereus, Argentine Giant

Magnifies:  Realization of your true gifts; recognition of your beauty; fearlessness; recognition of the preciousness of life; deepened appreciation of precious moments; deeper understanding of shadow side; openness to unexpected gifts and great leaps toward reaching your potential in life; reaching for the highest outcome and highest potential; enhanced listening and being aware of right moment; striving and knowing precise moment to go for it; fearless calmness; purification from inside-out of all limitations necessary to accomplish the highest goal

Dissolves: Old habits and patterns; illusions, illusory appearances; negativity, allowing it to bubble it to the surface; eliminates fear and grasping to fears, so that you can see and perceive them as illusions; dissolves attachment; paranoia; finding a balance between inferiority complex and superiority complex 

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Nectarine Blossom

Magnifies:  Gentleness, sweetness, softness; sweet words; service; desire to do nice things for others; wholeness and strength of heart; camaraderie, friendliness

Dissolves: Hatred, annoyance; broken heart; neck pain or tension

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Magnifies deep calm, peace, comfort; feeling grounded, steady, balanced; enhances your ability to let go and take breaks, take naps, relax, take deeper breaths, sleep more soundly at night, work out any issues during sleep; helps you slow down a little and let it all hang out; enhances awareness, intuition, and your spiritual connection; magnifies your awareness of abundance and fullness, as well as a sense of your own purity. 

Dissolves muscular tension, frazzled nerves, adrenal overuse, depletion, insomnia, thinking too much and too fast, mental chatter (that can sometimes lead to verbal chatter), anxiety, and panic.

Note: It’s okay to take naps! They are very beneficial when you’re taking Passionflower essence because it will reset your systems and allow you to feel nurtured and comforted. Sleeping or napping will also help you resolve any internal issues that are on a subconscious level. 

Miscellaneous: also indicated when there is general fears or fears of going crazy, and psychosis

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Peach Blossom

Magnifies: affection, nurturing, gentleness, softness, warmth, motherly love, wisdom

Dissolves: neediness for affection externally, irritation, frustration, feeling affected by others’ emotions

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Pear Blossom

Magnifies: Wisdom, maturity, finding your roots, sense of belonging

Dissolves: Frustration, wanting to tear your hair out

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Pearl, Freshwater

Magnifies: Patience, nurturing, motherly qualities, elegance, gracefulness, coordination, creativity
Dissolves: Excess weight gain, due to hanging on, hiding, or crawling into your shell; impatience; lack of awareness; avoidance

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Peruvian Opal

Magnifies: Trusting, nurturing, protecting, and taking care of yourself; calm, balance; hydration
Dissolves: Feeling overworked, worn out, de-hydrated or susceptible to outside forces 

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Magnifies: self love; purity; innocence; hope; ‘you can do it’ attitude; desire to move forward instead of getting stuck in grief for too long; taking care of yourself

Dissolves:  never ending grief; sadness; apathy; feeling like you’re at the end of your rope; abandonment or being left behind, disliking oneself; feeling unworthy because of being left behind, being fed up; tired.

May be indicated during divorce situations, death, other major life transitions.

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Pink Knotweed

Magnifies: Confidence; sitting up taller, taking notice of what’s around you; feeling clear and calm

Dissolves: Timidity, shyness, playing small, hiding

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Pink Magnolia

Magnifies: Feeling of completeness, wholeness; purity of heart; retaining your own energy; protection; enhances all other flower essences and combinations

Dissolves: Giving away too much energy to others

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Pink Ruby gemstone

Magnifies: Softness of heart and character; love and affection for self and others, gentleness
Dissolves: Irritation; self-sabotage, self-hatred 

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Pink Rhododendron

Magnifies: love; deep understanding; compassion; softness; gentleness; putting yourself in someone elses\’s shoes; content; warmth; protection; motherly comfort and protection; unconditional love and understanding; fulness; richness; steadiness; equanimity. 

Dissolves: feeling cold; alone; out of place;unprotected; vulnerable; stuck; anguish; jealousy; despair; relationship issues where betrayal has occured; fear of misunderstanding; insecurities regarding whether another person loves you or not.

Good for babies and mothers during pregnancy

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Pink Spirea

Magnifies: Joy, laughter, light-heartedness; brings your inner child out to play; feeling free

Dissolves: Old wounds of the heart

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Pomegranate Flower

Magnifies: Light and gentle cleansing of the body and mind; balancing of reproductive organs; creative and feminine and/or nurturing side; self acceptance and creative self-expression

Dissolves: Toxins from pollution and unwanted energies; irritation

Miscellaneous: If used regularly, has the potential to balance menstrual cycles and reduce or eliminate cramps.  

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Pride of Madeira

Magnifies feeling exotic and exquisite; helps you feel accepting of yourself, connected to everything around you, and in awe of the profoundly magical world that surrounds you; finding the beauty in being different, allowing it to be sexy, sensuous; feeling beautiful and mysterious; experiencing sense of the profound in the silence; feeling like you’re in the right place, right time, right moment; fullness, being-ness, expansion, letting it all hang out; perceiving one’s different qualities as exotic and exquisite vs. different and unusual, or foreign and sticking out; perceiving your unique qualities as an asset rather than a hindrance. 

Dissolves feeling ‘different’, unusual, foreign, or not fitting in; sadness or contraction due to feeling left out; teariness, feeling disconnected; pulling back; holding back; feeling small, weepy, different – like you don’t belong; negativity about ones different-ness, uniqueness and unusual qualities

Miscellaneous: balancing for the heart and skin.

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Princess Flower

Magnifies: Gracefulness, regal presence, and sophistication of being; delicate beauty; full expression of creativity

Dissolves: Feeling plain or ordinary

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Purple Garlic

Magnifies unwavering fearlessness, protection, awareness of supporters–seen & unseen

Dissolves fears, feeling too vulnerable and being too easily affected by external influences

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Magnifies groundedness, steadiness, assuredness; regulates sleep–not too much, not too little; assists with better absorption of minerals; helps you wind down at night and wake up clearly; balances sleeping with sun & moon cycles.

Dissolves fears, anxieties, worries, panic, fogginess, franticness, inability to settle down; also dissolves lethargy, inability to get out of bed in the morning or lack of clarity in the morning. 

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Rattlesnake Weed Flower

Magnifies: strength, self-assuredness, foundation, total relaxation and letting go, meditative mind, totally free of worries; enjoyment, peacefulness, ability to rest, mini-vacation-in-a-bottle; feeling fresh, awake; flexibility, adaptability; aware and handling things naturally as they arise vs. worrying/thinking about them before you do them; it’s not even that you feel deeply relaxed, it’s that you notice a profound level of background noise and tension completely disappear and now you can see things more clearly; being more open to what comes your way and what presents itself in the moment; enhances recognition of how far you’ve come and rejoicing in that; celebration of life, like “wow! We made it! I did it! We did it!; feeling happy about your contribution to life, your accomplishments, hard work, and rejoicing in that … and this catalyzes more progress and forward movement.

Dissolves: chronic stress and constant low level tension that you’ve experienced over a long period of time that you may not even be aware of it because it is ‘normal’ for you; sense of pressure, deadlines, urgency (to unhealthy point); worries; anxiety; overwhelm; worrying about little things; feeling a lack or that you’re falling behind or ‘I’m not there yet’; being on overdrive; trying to do too much; ‘what ifs’ that lead to ‘what ifs’ that lead to ‘what ifs’ (if you’re constantly in the worry mode and ‘what if’ then you cannot appropriately be present for and take advantage of opportunities when they arise); feeling that there’s never enough and always too much to do; worries about what other people think or need; worry about having to be ‘nice’ or politically correct; constant background mental noise or tension–this flower essence removes the thorn from your side (the thorn of something that subtly bugs you over time). 

Other applications: for anyone under constant pressure to perform (CEOs, entrepreneurs, teachers, police, ER doctors, employees with constant pressure from bosses); anyone constantly stressed about time deadlines, like magazine writers; for retreats or vacations, to completely let go on the first day; autism (rest, ability to let go of low level tension). 


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Red Bird of Paradise

Magnifies: Energy, vitality, motivation, “get it done now” attitude

Dissolves: Procrastination, overwhelm; feeling like you have too many things to do

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Red Clover

Magnifies: Willingness to feel others’ emotions without being affected by them; empathy, yet steady calm and fearlessness during times of stress

Dissolves: Lack of sensitivity or accumulation of others’ fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, or confusion within your body so that it does not affect; influenced by external chaos or imbalance

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Red Garnet gemstone

Magnifies: Cheerfulness, joyful strength; energy, motivation to push forward
Dissolves: Feeling stuck, stagnant, apathetic, or dreary

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Red Ruby gemstone

Magnifies: Vitality, energy, circulation of energies; motivation, drive; protection
Dissolves: Weakness, fatigue, feeling tired; susceptible to external influences

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Red Snail Flower

Magnifies speaking the truth even if others are angry, fearless speech; coming out of your shell, unafraid to speak out or speak up; saying what needs to be said w/out fear of hurting someone’s feelings; fluidity of thought; channeling anger into clarity; love, joy, and freedom that comes from shedding off a layer of dull repressed anger; enhances sense of allowing, opening, accepting others in, engaging with others. 

Dissolves resistance, apathy, dread, annoyance, aversion, disgust, feeling like you got punched in the gut; harsh speech, fears around being the center of attention; anger without clarity (with dullness); stubbornness; stuck, stagnant anger, apathy, fatigue fears around being the center of attention; knots in the stomach doe to anguish and despair, or due to suppressing anger and frustration; thinking too much or obsessing; chewing on something over and over.

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Redwood tree essence

Magnifies patience, warmth, gentleness, peacefulness, discipline, direction, guidance; feeling at home where you are; sense of belonging, family or family-like support, and being welcomed and looked out for; trust, ability to give and receive; helps you keep your feet on the ground and be down to earth; healing of old father issues such as lack of support, abandonment, not enough attention from father in childhood or a father with harsh behaviors; feeling embraced and comforted by life; ability to teach others through love, patience, caring, and generosity.

Dissolves anxiety, overstimulation, overwhelm, feeling incapable, lack of discipline, feeling lost or not sure which way to go; sense of lack of support, fears of falling; head in the clouds or ideas not materialized; 

May also indicated in accidental falls, lack of coordination, instability, shakiness, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, seizures, nervous system disorders, inner ear dizziness, broken or weak bones, dreams of falling.

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Rose, Magenta

Magnifies: Attentiveness; sweetness; feeling cared for, caring for yourself; protection; caring for others; healing emotional wounds and scars

Dissolves: Disappointment; feeling ignored; stubbornness; feeling that life is full of struggle

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Magnifies: Psychic awareness; ancient wisdom; mental sharpness, acuity, accuracy; confidence in seeing, perceiving, clarity; analytical mental processes

Dissolves: Confusion, fogginess, lack of clarity

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Running Iris

Magnifies being in tune, being in touch, being able to focus (even if chronically ill), enhances more of a moment-to-moment awareness and appreciation; creativity, honesty, flexibility, generosity; allows you to be more open to receiving, even receiving unexpected guests; gratitude for others, meaningful connections, awareness of the effort others make; stopping to take a moment; enhances ability to drop rigid ideas; enhances ability to cut through extraneous thought and worries, as well as willingness to engage with people through many different levels and layers of communication; expanded and spacious mind, allowing yourself to relax and inherently seeing a benefit in that; allowing yourself to take a nap; enhances tolerance

Dissolves awkwardness, isolation, feel strange or out of place, elusiveness, fear of rejection, hiding away, avoidance, pushing others away, selfishness or being self-involved or feeling like ‘it’s all about me and how I feel’; dissolves tendency to view things as laborious, tiring, or a drag on your energy; dissolves intolerance. 

– Hospice or illness: Acts as a meditation support during chronic illness or pain; excellent for hospice. 
– Food awareness & Weight Loss/Gain: enhances awareness of how much food is needed and what kind of food is needed; enhances awareness of body’s needs.

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Sapphire gemstone

Magnifies: Calm, inner peace; flexibility, ability to go with the flow, adaptability; patience; slow down; ability to take a break — so that there is enough spaciousness and awareness for your inner wisdom to arise; contemplation of big life questions, such as – am I really doing what I want to do? how do I want to do it? what will I be doing in the future? is this how I want to live my life? and making adjustments when necessary. Seeing things in a new way that you have may have been too busy to see. Increases realization of preciousness of life and observing how you are and what you do each day. Enhances your ability to be present with people and your ability to see the big picture as well as all the actions and people involved that create that big picture. In business or work, Sapphire can help you think more strategically, making wise decisions that lead you to the outcome you wish to create. Sapphire’s main job is to help you make mental space to allow your wisdom to arise and make decisions accordingly. 

Dissolves: Being ‘too busy’ to see what’s around you or to ask bigger life questions and look at the bigger picture of your life/relationships/business; tension, stress; impatience; tendency to go too fast (thinking, speaking, doing, driving); refusal to take breaks; holding on too tight; fear of loss.  

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Silk Floss

Magnifies: Confidence, calm, feeling centered; fullest self-expression, feeling really comfortable with who you are

Dissolves: Feel out of balance, off-kilter

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Slipper Orchid

Magnifies sense of standing on solid ground, strength, freedom, wholeness, ability to overcome any challenge

Purges deep grief, sadness, helplessness, disgust, negativity, fears of unknown origin, phobias

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Smoky Quartz

Magnifies energetic strength, vitality, chi force, protection, endurance, radiance, beauty; enhances mineral absorption

Dissolves negative thoughts, self-degrading thoughts, or negative thoughts absorbed from others; also indicated when experiencing depleted energy, fatigue, feeling DRAINED, both energetically & emotionally

Misc – excellent for purification of skin

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Squash, Zucchini

Magnifies: Vitality, fertility; expanded idea of your creative expression in the world; birthing new ideas; helpful during childbirth and labor; healthy expression of sensuality; reproductive health/balance; feeling more comfortable in your own skin; healing old issues/patterns around sexuality and/or abuse

Dissolves: Feeling lack of creativity or stagnant; feeling shut down; fear of losing control; fears regarding childbirth/labor; fear about starting new projects; fears around expression of sensuality/sexuality

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Strawberry Blossom

Magnifies: Sense of possibility, optimism, room for growth & opportunity, deeper understanding, fresh look.

Dissolves: sense of lack of possibility, pessimism

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Sweet Pea

Magnifies: sense of opportunity; available endless possibilities; abundance; sense of wealth of opportunity; softness; gentleness; taking it slow and easy and looking for other optionsl ability to rest no matter what the external situations; sense of family and protection; seeing the many ways to do things

Dissolves: irritation; frustration; impatience; stubborness; hitting walls in your business, relationships, life; seeing only one way; wanting to be right; revenge; haughtiness; pride; striking out at others because of frustrationl

May be indicated for autism and skin problems

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Trumpet Vine

Magnifies: Your voice; enhances communication, singing; saying what needs to be said; fearless, effortless speech; more ease during ‘difficult conversations’

Dissolves: Fears around speaking, being heard, speaking your truth, communication, singing; avoidance of saying what needs to be said, speaking your truth

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Water Lily

Magnifies: Peacefulness, stillness, being undisturbed by external factors, awareness of nature and all the life around you, sensitivity to the needs of others; compassion; feeling more deeply connected to others; synchronicity; expanding your awareness; being in tune; clarity; enhanced awareness of the senses – hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling, etc.

Dissolves: Lack of awareness; lack of clarity or feeling dull; ignorance; not knowing what you don’t know; walls around you that prevent you from really seeing.

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Yarrow Flower

Magnifies: Revitalization of body and mind after computer and cell phone use; feeling of spaciousness even when living in cities, saturated office buildings or around lots of people; working more smoothly with people at home and at work

Dissolves: Toxic, negative, or simply foreign energies in your energetic field

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