November 23, 2016


I am writing while still aglow in the aftermath of the Flowerlounges last week.

During the last few months, my team + I were sprinting as fast as we could …

last week we leapt off the edge of a cliff, laughing + flying.

The culmination of everything was hosting events from the East to West Coast.



Flowerlounge NYC was electric.

Flowerlounge PHX was receptive.

Flowerlounge LA was permeating.



We always had a very strong intention that the events be – in some way – transformative for everyone involved.

Now that it’s over, it’s clearer to me what we were doing.



We were building altars in three cities + making offerings of flowers, light, perfume, food, incense + music.

We were making offerings to YOU, the city, the world … offerings that held all of our purist wishes for humanity. 


Here are some the highlights:

Incredible kindness of strangers

Meeting old friends from other lifetimes

Super moon + starlight

Catalyst + chance encounters

Sweating in Korean bathhouses on East/West coasts


So much love. So much laughter.

Deepening into our sense of family …

Family among the team

Family among our friends + supporters + community

Family around the world


Continuous magical experiences + synchronistic moments

Feeling the world was supporting us every step of the way



Placing the book in your hands like putting my heart in your hands.

Pouring love into the pen + into your eyes and hands.

Saying without saying: I see you.


Opening our hearts …

Becoming more transparent about why we do what we do + the meaning behind it

Our deepest wishes to offer transformative experiences


Those of you that looked in my eyes during an event …

who told me you were going through a tough time

who said you needed. this. so. much.

who showed up full force, fully you, authentic.

Unconditional love that surpasses all + brings tears to our eyes


Laughing so hard we could not stop. Delirium setting in. Laughing until our bodies were fully cleansed, like the rains coming down to wash the skies in New York City when everything was turned upside down.

Flower offerings at the Hudson River in NYC – joyous petals floating on the currents, strangers joining in, laughing, smiling, surprised, touched by a moment of meaning, a reminder of what’s really important.

Wildly laughing while making flower offerings at Encanto Park in Phoenix with an 8-year-old infusing fresh energy into the mix, shouting, “Liberate Yourself Wholeheartedly!”

In Los Angeles the rain swirled around us again, leaving a patch of blue sky in which to toss all of our flower petals into the ocean waves.

During the flower offerings at the vast ocean in the city of angels, we profoundly sensed the power of collective prayer + dedication of the entire week at the oceanside. Looking out over the vast expanse of water + the permeating sense of peace that moves mountains.

May it be so. We’ve all come together to make this happen.

In Phoenix upon our arrival home the rains purified the desert landscape and rained down what felt like auspicious blessings on the Earth, completing the cycle of gentle rains blessing us wherever we went.

Something is coming through all of us. I don’t totally understand it, but the timing is right.

And we are on fire.

We want to continue.

We want to offer more.

One more stop this year: Singapore, in Asia.

After that in 2017 ~ where shall we find you next?

Where do you want to meet us at the next Flowerlounge?


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PK Alexander

You guys are amazing!
And magical!
Thank you for bringing the love.



YOU are amazing, Paul. We could not have done it without you. So much love to you from all of us <3



It was an honor to meet all of you in NYC! In fact, I was a bit overwhelmed by it all. Thank you so much for your wonderful products and book and sharing it all with us – and being a positive catalyst for changes in my life. I’m so grateful. Blessings to all of you for the holiday season and 2017



Laura! It was an honor to get to meet YOU. We are so grateful to have you as part of our community ~ and so beyond happy that you have found flower essences <3 So much love to you


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