Flower Telling

Choose the 3 flowers you're most attracted to.

Find out what it means about you.

  • Pink spirea joy juice
  • Red hibiscus inner peace
  • Arctic lupine inner peace
  • Pink magnolia infinite love
  • Yarrow pure energy
  • Chocolate flower joy juice
  • Hong kong orchid infinite love
  • Euphrasia inspired action
  • Fire star orchid inspired action
  • Jade succulent pure energy
  • Fireweed infinite love
  • Dandelion quiet mind
  • Chandelier succulent inspired action
  • Mountain laurel inner peace
  • Bird of paradise quiet mind
  • African daisy joy juice
  • Passionflower quiet mind
  • Red bird of paradise inspired action
  • Red clover pure energy
  • Pomegranate pure energy
  • Hawkweed infinite love
  • Silk floss inner peace
  • Datura quiet mind
  • Birdsfoot lotus joy juice

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Which flower are you most attracted to?

Which ritual would you love so much you'd enjoy it 5 times each day?

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Flower Elixir

Enjoy nectar-like drops sublingually or in your water bottle.

Energy Mist

Mist yourself and let it rain down around your face and shoulders.

Balancing Serum

Luscious oil serum applied to your face and the back of your neck.

Transformative Perfume

Spritz your wrists, heart, hair, neck. Blend together and inhale.


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