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Attending live in Phoenix? Yay!

Meet us here Monday, January 11th 6:30 – 8:00pm MST

Citrine Natural Beauty Bar
Biltmore Fashion Park
2502 East Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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Find us on Periscope!
Live at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST

If you’re new to Periscope, you can either download the app on your phone + watch the event from your phone, or you can find one of our twitter accounts and click the link to the Livestream broadcast once it goes live.

{If you can’t make it live or in-person, simply click the event link in any of our twitter feeds to see the recording of it through Katch.}

Curious about the event format?

We’ll do a swift but powerful + peaceful meditation with an organic chocolate + flower essences to kick off an insightful panel discussion about a new model for expanding your impact. Let’s elevate the conversation of collaboration and conscious change in our global community through business and social media. Explore worldwide Livestream TV at your fingertips + discover how you can step into the platform of Periscope before it’s mainstream. We’ll conclude with a Q&A, including questions live + on Periscope. Event is complimentary – but all donations go to Anita’s Soul Fam Fund, which is supporting Syrian refugees in Greece.

Curious about who’s speaking? Bios + luscious links below.

Anita Wing Lee

Anita Wing Lee is an international broadcaster, meditation guide, spiritual entrepreneur, humanitarian and 2x Periscope Summit Speaker. She’s the Founder of Global Meditation Scope, which was birthed in only 9 days and is now Periscope’s first largest creative meditation movement. Anita is the innovative heartbeat of Soul Fam Fund, an initiative to use her Periscope channel and community of 7000+ followers as a force for good. She is currently making a 14-day road trip from NYC to San Francisco to launch the Soul Fam Fund, leading meditation workshops, broadcasting inspiring stories and raising funds to support Syrian refugees in Greece.  Periscope  |  Twitter


Lisa Reinhardt Founder of Wei of Chocolate
Lisa Reinhardt 

After traveling in the Himalayas for 11 years and doing retreat in a cave, Lisa Reinhardt thought she came back to the US to share what she’d learned about meditation. After an a-ha moment eating chocolate, however, things took a delicious turn. As founder of Wei of Chocolate, Lisa delights in giving people permission to eat chocolate every day without guilt. Based upon extensive research, she knows that a daily piece or two of chocolate is a path to health & wellness – bringing the benefits of meditation effortlessly into our busy modern lifestyle. Lisa uses Periscope to educate her community.  Periscope  |  Twitter



Katie Hess

Founder of LOTUSWEI, Katie Hess travels worldwide to hand-collect bio-energetic flower elixirs that balance body and mind. Sold in 12 countries, her flower elixirs have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Prevention, Martha Stewart + custom-created for President Obama. She partners with spas worldwide and is endorsed by other wellness leaders like Dr. Andrew Weil. Katie just finished writing a book for Hay House about the transformative power of flowers. Katie did a one month daily scope challenge, was a part of the Global Meditation Scope and is currently designing a daily lifestyle Periscope show for 2016.  Periscope  |  Twitter
Melissa Lenberg

Melissa Lenberg

Following her successful career as a makeup artist in California, Melissa came back to Arizona and suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, she tossed the toxic ingredients and turned to all natural products. Soon thereafter, friends and family would tell her, “Your skin looks amazing!”After a life-changing trip to Sedona, she decided to follow her dream and open Citrine Natural Beauty Bar. Since then she has been sharing the green beauty lifestyle with a global audience and recently doubled her retail space. Melissa scopes daily with tips, how-to’s and Q&A sessions about all things green beauty. Periscope  |  Twitter

We’re so psyched to kick off the year with such a cutting edge event – see you there!

Love & Gratitude,
Katie | Lisa | Anita | Melissa

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