March 14, 2016

inner peace elixirs

In this modern day, it’s so easy to become stressed. In fact, unless you live in a supremely peaceful rural area, it’s pretty much inevitable. Most of us around the world live in large cities where simply by living in a city environment we are subjected to more buzz, electronics, cell phone waves, noise, traffic, people and lights. We spend most of our time indoors and rarely get sufficient, regular doses of luscious and revitalizing nature time. We have a million things on our to-do list and bounce from one thing to the next, hardly stopping to take a break. Add to that the stress of being human – having a lot going on and experiencing the usual changes and challenges in life.

As my all-time favorite remedy for stress, Inner Peace is a blend of the following flower essences:

Mountain Laurel

{MOUNTAIN LAUREL} One of the most amazing smelling flowers in the world (like lilacs + grapes), Mountain Laurel blooms in the desert for several weeks in early spring. A rare delight, its flowers grow in beautiful, aromatic clusters that drape down from a large sage-colored bush. Mountain Laurel helps us let it all hang out no matter what situation we’re in, even when we’re shy or around people we don’t know. It helps us feel totally comfortable with ourselves, accepting ourselves – as we are – 100%. It helps us let loose and get a sense of our true greatness in the world. It dissolves tension, worry, insecurity and fear – and helps us move from playing small > playing big. It helps us let go + feel free, when we find ourselves holding in emotions or holding on to things too tightly.


{RED HIBSCUS} When you feel like you’ve had one stressful event after another – and you wonder when you’ll get a break, Red Hibiscus offers a light at the end of the tunnel. It helps us gain a fresh perspective and learn from challenging situations in life. It infuses us with hope and a sense of a fresh start.

arctic lupine

{ARCTIC LUPINE} A gorgeous wildflower collected in British Colombia, Canada, the Arctic Lupine gives our state of mind a whole new level of peace. It keeps us cool, calm and collected and helps us feel more supported. Perfect for when we have a lot going on, and a lot on our plates, it dissolves total overwhelm and helps us feel like our lives are manageable.

silk floss flower

{SILK FLOSS} A wildly exotic flower that grows on a tree whose trunk is covered in enormous, bright green spines, Silk Floss Flower comes to the rescue when we feel off kilter, out of balance and not ourselves. It infuses us with confidence and helps us feel grounded and centered. It helps us feel comfortable expressing ourselves to the fullest and feel comfortable with who we are.

Emerald Cut Stone

{EMERALD} The perfect elixir for when we feel saturated with emotions (our own or from outside influences), Emerald quickly breaks up and cleanses stagnant energy and brings back our inner calm, our peaceful heart, our usual easy going nature.

pink lotus flower

Yarrow flower essence

{PINK LOTUS & YARROW} We infuse everything we make with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). In combination with the main flower elixirs, the Inner Peace blend magnifies deep peace, comfort, confidence + contentment.

{AROMATHERAPY FOR PEACE} Inner Peace Elixir doesn’t have a scent, but the mist, serum and anointing oil have been infused with complementary and synergistic essential oils for peace: lavender, geranium, vetiver, atlas cedar and juniper – creating an herbal and spicy blend that grounds and calms our energy alongside the flower essences.

The overall effects of using Inner Peace regularly are: 

  1. Nothing can stress you out
  2. You feel more grounded, like your feet are firmly planted
  3. No one can move you from your center
  4. You can cope during traumatic situations
  5. Feeling more connected with your true self
  6. Less swayed by others’ emotions
  7. Confidence! Self-assuredness, playing big
  8. More adaptable to change
  9. Ability to keep your cool during high stress situations
  10. Lack of getting triggered or hooked emotionally
  11. Peacefulness – feeling centered and at ease

Applications you might not have thought of for Inner Peace Elixir:

  1. Moving from one house/city/country/job to another
  2. During Labor/Giving Birth
  3. Parenting small children
  4. Public Speaking or other nervousness
  5. Fear or panic
  6. After any kind of accidents
  7. During/after any kind of traumatic experience
  8. Any intense + difficult emotional experience.
  9. Pets who have been rescued – or any time you bring them to the vet, during storms
  10. High stress situations at work and at home
  11. Calm your kids down
  12. Teething or colicky babies
  13. High stress professions: emergency response, police, paramedics, ER
  14. Teachers in schools – mist themselves + their classrooms to calm the energy
  15. Transitioning/Hospice/Death & Dying process

Here are some peaceful experiences shared from our community:

Beverly Fink + Peony

Beverly Fink: Celebrity Green Makeup Artist.

I have never tried any oils or flower essences before trying LOTUSWEI and was pleasantly surprised that within a week, it helped relieve stress caused by chronic aches + pains. I use the Inner Peace Balancing Serum on the back of my legs and chest, followed by Healing Sleep, which I put on my wrist and behind my ears. Meditation came easily and all my pain was eliminated. LOTUSWEI flower essences are as good as medication!

sunflower lotuswei testimonial

Annie K: Mother. Esthetician. Green Beauty Blogger.

LOTUSWEI’s products have helped not only myself but my entire family since we’ve started taking them. The first products we tried were Infinite Love & Inner Peace. It was amazing for me to physically feel the shift in my overall demeanor and state of mind. I’m currently pregnant and chasing around a very active little toddler. Between hormonal shifts for myself and helping my son navigate his daily ups and downs, I was not doing so good in the ‘stay calm + positive’ department. After taking my first dose of the flower elixirs, I felt calmer, in control and able to handle what life would hand me. Both my son and husband have benefited as well. We all interact more peacefully + lovingly. My son sleeps better at night, is more even in temperament thru the day and, as an added benefit, seems to be drinking more water!

Have any stories you would like to share? Can you think of any more details we should add to our lists from above? Share with us in the comments below! 




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