September 9, 2017

We have all heard about the benefits of traditional exfoliation, in the shower with a loofah, or brush..but did you know, there is a much better way of getting rid of dead skin cells with even more benefits than traditional, wet exfoliation?

It’s called Dry Brushing … and it’s a game changer.

Dry brushing not only gets rid of dead skin cells better {water – as is used in traditional exfoliation, can cause skin to plump – making it harder to get rid of as many dead skin cells as dry brushing}, but also aids in lymphatic drainage and stimulates circulation to help detoxify the entire body + can even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Usually when you exfoliate, you would use a substantial amount of pressure to ‘scrub’ off the dead skin cells, which can sometimes irritate and dry out the skin. But dry brushing uses only a very light + calming amount of pressure … and has the ability to aid in waking up the lymph system which works to rid the body of excess fluid, bacteria + cell waste.

But there is a certain way to do it right.

How to get perfectly soft skin from dry brushing:

– Dry brushing can be done 1-2 times per day, but always right before a bath and/or shower
– Your brush should ideally be a long-handled brush with natural bristles {we love vegetable bristle brushes – synthetic bristles should be avoided as they can scratch + irritate the skin} Check out Katie’s favorite dry brush of all time here.
– Make sure your skin is completely dry
– Using your long-handled brush, make soft sweeping strokes up your body, towards your heart – if your skin turns red, apply less pressure. Your lymphatic system responds to light, flowing pressure.

Pressure + Direction during dry brushing is very important, as your lymphatic system flows through your body towards your heart:

No rubbing, scrubbing, or back + forth motions – the way you might be used to with traditional wet exfoliation

Direction: brush arms up towards the shoulders; brush back up towards the shoulders; brush up the chest – starting around the belly button, up the center of the chest + around the breast and up under the arms; brush legs up from the feet.

After Care:

Just as important as the pressure + direction of your dry brushing, how you care for your skin immediately after you are finished is vital, too!

MOISTURIZE! I love Jojoba Oil, but any kind you personally love will work {almond oil, coconut oil, etc.}! Apply a liberal amount of oil right after you’re done dry brushing, before you get into the shower.
Other ideas:

  • If you want to add a little bit of self-care to your routine, try our Infinite Love Serum for more unconditional love, affection, enhance magnetism +  gentleness
  • If you want to add a little bit of relaxation to your routine, try our Inner Peace Serum, for more deep peace, calm, confidence, comfort + contentment
  • If you want to kick-start your day with extra detoxification for more energy, try our Radiant Energy Serum. It’s almost better than a morning coffee! Almost ;).

All of our Balancing Serums are a Safflower Oil base which is very light, absorbs quickly, and is great for all skin types!

– COLD SHOWER! A cold shower promotes circulation, aiding in the detox process
– Use a natural soap to slough off all of the old dead skin cells! {My favorite natural soap is Dr. Bronner’s}
– When you get out of the shower, make sure you are dabbing your skin dry rather than harshly rubbing the skin dry with a towel

Happy Brushing!



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